The third game scraps all previous classes, opting instead to go with a set of 12 completely new classes. Many of these classes have parallels to be drawn with the classes of the previous two games.

Main ClassesEdit

Common SkillsEdit

Unlike predecessors, instead of only class skills being available, there are now Common skills that can be accessed in a different tab when allocating skill points. These skills consist of:

HP Up Increases maximum HP
TP Up Increases maximum TP
Bandage A field-only skill that heals allies. TP: 2
Combat Study User still gains EXP while not in party
Chop Allows harvesting at Chopping Points.
Mine Allows harvesting at Mining Points.
Take Allows harvesting at Gathering Points.

They all have a maximum level of 10.


A new addition to the series is a Subclassing system. It allows each guild member to obtain a secondary class and learn skills to increase diversity and customization. This ability is only unlocked after completing the Second Stratum.

There are few restrictions to Subclassing, such as the inability to learn your Subclass' Class Skill. So an Arbalist cannot invest points into a Gladiator's Endless Battle and a Zodiac cannot learn a Ninja's Keburi no Sue.

You are also restricted to your Main Class's weapons and armor as well, a Buccaneer cannot use a Katana and a Shogun cannot equip two Crossbows unless the mastery skill for them is invested in.

Subclass Weapon Enabler Edit

It is possible to enable any class to equip a specific weapon if you choose the following subclasses and use at least 1 skillpoint in the specific Weapon Mastery. For example, if you have a Zodiac/Hoplite character and use a skillpoint in the Shield Mastery, your Zodiac will be able to equip a shield.

Hoplite (Subclass):Edit

  • Shield Mastery: Allows your character to equip a shield.
  • Spear Mastery: Allows your character to equip a spear.

Buccaneer (Subclass):Edit

  • Rapier Mastery: Allows your character to equip a rapier.
  • Gun Mastery: Allows your character to equip a gun.

Arbalist (Subclass):Edit

  • Bolt Mastery: Allows your character to equip a crossbow.

Gladiator (Subclass):Edit

  • Sword Mastery: Allows your character to equip a sword.
  • Club Mastery: Allows your character to equip a club.

Monk (Subclass):Edit

  • Fist Mastery: Unarmed attacks are strengthened. Any class can attack unarmed, but without this skill those hits are negligible.

Shogun (Subclass):Edit

  • Katana Mastery: Allows your character to equip a katana.

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