The fourth game offers ten classes with which to work. Two of those classes make a reappearance from the first two games with a new set of skills at their disposal. While making their debute in the fourth game, the other eight new classes share similarities to the classes of the previous games.

Of the ten classes, seven of them are available in the beginning while the last three classes are unlocked after a certain point within the game.


The seven classes available from the start:

and the last three classes that must be unlocked:


Much like in Etrian Odyssey III, subclassing becomes available partway into the 3rd stratum. Party members with subclasses cannot learn the subclass' class skill (or their Sky skill as well), and at the same time, all skill caps in the subclass are halved. Without any weapon mastery skills in any skill trees, a character also immediately gains access to their subclass' weaponry (and shields if applicable).

At the same time, once subclassing becomes unlocked, all party members, Nightseeker or not, now gain the ability to wield 2 weapons. They still only carry out their normal attacks with their main weapon, but their second weapon becomes their sub-weapon with which they can use weapon-requiring skills, so that the character can still perform their subclass' weapon skills without worry of needing to switch each time.