The fifth game has ten classes to choose from. Like the classes in Etrian Odyssey III, all of these classes are original.

Unlike previous games in the series, all ten classes are unlocked from the start.

Base Classes Edit

Changing Classes Edit

Adventures that complete the mission "Iorys Qualification Exam" unlock the ability to change their class, unrestricted by race, at the cost of only 5 levels. Their appearance and stats will remain the same as their original class and race.

Legendary Titles Edit

Instead of taking a subclass or equipping Grimoire Stones, each character in Etrian Odyssey V gets to choose between two Legendary Titles. This offers a set of advanced skills and a fitting increase in certain stats.

Typically, a class that serves two functions has one of those functions expanded. For example, the Dragoon can become either a Cannon bearer or a Shield Bearer. The Cannon Bearer gets advanced Cannon skills and the Shield Bearer gets advanced Shield skills, but the Cannon Bearer still has full access to basic Shield skills and vice versa.

For more information, see each base class's page.