Clionean (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

This bizarre creature's body is filled with pure water that, if it bursts, heals its allies' wounds.
Enemy Data
HP 601
AT 52
DF 50
EXP 3933
Skills Change, Phoenix, Throw
Items Fairy's Core
Weakness None
Resistance None
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Clioneans are first encountered on B21F of the Cyclopean Haunt. They are strange, fairy-like monsters. They may hatch from Pandora Eggs or be encountered directly. Their combat ability is low, focusing more on supporting their companions and annoying the player instead.

Even though they have moderate attack power, most of the time they will just focus on being a hindrance to the player by using their Change skill, a unique move which picks a member of your party and switches them to the opposite row, which means your feeble casters will often find themselves in the front row, very vulnerable to physical attacks.

When together with a Longicorn Beta, they use the Throw dual skill, in which the Longicorn picks up the Clionean and hurls it at the group as a projectile. This does heavy damage to both the player and Clionean.

When they run out of HP, they will use their Phoenix move right before dying, which will significantly heal its surviving allies, unless killed with petrification or instant death.

Skills Edit

  • Change (Uses ???): Switches the positions of two random party members, usually on opposite rows.
  • Phoenix (Uses ???): Used upon death. Heals all allies by 400 HP.
  • Throw (Uses ???): Cooperation attack with Longicorn Beta. Bash attack to the entire party. Also damages the Clionean.

Drops Edit

  • Fairy's Core (Worth: 582 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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  • Their name is still Clionean in Japan.
  • They are based on sea angels, from which a subfamily has the similar-sounding name clionidae.