"A Kingdom of collapsed ideals"

The Cloudy Stronghold is the 4th Stratum you will come across and the territory of the Yggdrasil Empire. It features many soaring aquifers and ruins. To navigate this Statrum players must first go to the Windy Archive and retrieve a Black Flame, allowing for highest elevation travel. Another thing to note is that as you defeat each labyrinth, more FOEs appear in the area than before.

Cargo FoundEdit


  • Cloud Goat
    • It likes high places and climbs aqueducts.
    • 90 en
  • Milky Goat
    • Its quality milk yields delicious cheese.
    • 125 en
  • Furry Goat
    • When cooked, makes for high-quality mutton.
    • 300 en


  • Golden Quail
    • Can fly very high and is popular as a pet.
    • 100 en
  • Prism Pheasant
    • Its sashimi has a strong umami taste.
    • 150 en
  • Love Chickens
    • Always found in pairs; a popular wedding dish.
    • 400 en


  • Crucian Carp
    • Fishermen relish its fierce pull on the line.
    • 85 en
  • Silver Carp
    • Lacks the odor found in freshwater carp.
    • 110 en
  • Dragon Carp
    • Lives 100 years, then soars into the heavens.
    • 450 en


  • Pepo Pumpkin
    • Its noodlelike fruit is tasty in salads.
    • 75 en
  • Marron Gourd
    • Its chestnut taste fetches high prices.
    • 125 en
  • Meteor Pumpkin
    • Turns to acid in your mouth if cooked wrong.
    • 350 en


  • Emperor Peacock
    • It makes a thronelike nest to lay its eggs.
    • 1,500 en
  • Cloud Boar
    • Its taste gets a warrior's blood racing.
    • 7,777 en

Mazes & CavernsEdit

Name Type Entry Description Elevation Land Co-ordinates
Echoing Library Labyrinth "Puppets dance in the dark" Low B/3-3/3
Forgotten Capital Labyrinth "A demon's dream of paradise" Low A/3-1/3
South Sanctuary Cave "A spark enkindling faint hope" Medium D/4-3/1
Windy Archive Cave "Fierce winds stroke a fiercer flame" Medium D/5-2/4
Golden Deer Keep Cave "Golden horns bar the forbidden gate" High A/1-3/1
Hall of Darkness Labyrinth "Morgue of distorted sagacity" High A/1-1/2

Treasure MapsEdit

Name Item Coordinates
Palace Climb Power Book B/3-3/5
Precipice Formaldehyde B/5-2/2
Stone Road Ancient Schiavona B/1-2/3
Near Forest Ancient Estoc


Bridge Top I Head Guard B/2-2/3
Glowing Pillar Paralysis Ankh C/2-2/4
Bridge Top II Wisdom Earring A/2-4/4
Storm Center Bash Charm D/5-2/3
Path Center Slash Charm A/4-4/5
Near Storm Target Goggles D/1-4/5
Forest Storm Bolt Charm A/5-1/1
Water Surface Amrita II x2 C/5-2/2
Low Horn Hamao II x2 C/4-3/4
Forest End Bravant x2 D/2-4/3
Forest Stonard x2 C/3-4/2
Great Tree Unihorn x2 A/3-2/4
Lake Environs Medica III x2 D/4-4/3
Lake Shore Curse Gas x3 D/3-3/3
Low Road Sleep Gas x3 D/4-2/4
Ending Wall Death Megatama A/1-2/3


FOEs PresentEdit


  • Learnin' on a fish - I'd like to see what I can make for my customers at the inn if I had a potful of tasty fish from the Cloudy Stronghold.
  • An Imperial mystery - A crashed Imperial skyship contained information on a certain location. Find out where it refers to and report back.
  • Water Mark reaction - We've made some progress and have deciphered something about a Water Mark. Find out how to make it reach and report.
  • Find the Fire Mark
  • A new Mark - We've uncovered descriptions of a new kind of Mark. Use this information to find out what it is and report back.
  • Where is the last Mark? - Our research indicates that there is one more mark. We don't know where it is, but we have a theory on where to look.
  • A legendary force - Someone investigate an "ancient being" referenced in a newly-discovered document...and, if necessary, defeat it.
  • Legendary cuisine - I have a request for (guild name). Please bring me the four legendary foods from the lands you have reclaimed.
  • Defeat the Fallen One - You're the only ones that can face that thing. You must lend me your strength! It has to be slayed, or else...