Cocatris (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A large, chicken-like creature that lives in the Labyrinth. Its beak turns men to stone.
Enemy Data
HP 1650
AT 51
DF 65
Skills Petrify
Items Stone Beak, Pale Quill
Weakness Stab
Resistance Cut, Bash
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Cocatris is a FOE first encountered on 19F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Cocatris are a strange type of FOE, as each Cocatris only appears at certain times of day. They appear between three different time stages; Morning 5am-9am, Afternoon 10am-3pm, and Night 6pm-4am. No Cocatris appear between the hours of 4pm and 5pm.

There are 14 Cocatris on 19F. Four appear in the morning, and 5 in each the afternoon and at night. There are 8 Cocatris on 20F. Three appear in the morning, 2 appear in the afternoon and 3 appear at night.

They do not move around unless you move within 2 spaces of them, at which time they will follow you until you are able to get away.

Be careful of their Petrify skill, since they will try to turn your entire party to stone.

Skills Edit

  • Petrify (Uses head): Has a chance to turn every party member to stone.

Cockatrice (EO2U)Edit

A large bird-like creature that is known to petrify its foes.
Enemy Data
HP 1729
AT 41
DF 32
Skills Petrifying Stare
Items Ancient Beak
Weakness Volt, Fear
Resistance Stab, Death, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind
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Unlike their counterparts in Heroes of Lagaard, the Cockatrice has been downgraded to a regular enemy. It begins to appear only once the party reaches 20F of the Petal Bridge, and continues to appear in the inner regions of lower levels of the stratum as the party treks back down.


  • Petrifying Gaze (uses head): May petrify 1 target.

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