Cold Watchman
A mechanical soldier set to eliminate intruders. On finding one, it walks up silently as death.
Enemy Data
HP 3392
AT 52
DF 47
EXP 12239
Skills Target Search, Thorny Ball
Items Spiked Iron Ball
Weakness Fire
Resistance Physical Attacks, Ice
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Cold Watchmen are located in the Echoing Library. As far as FOE are concerned they are surprisingly weak, and have highly predictable movement patterns. Most travel in straight lines, and upon reaching an intersection will turn to look down each hall before pressing on.

Despite being weak, if one should see you it will sound an alarm which activates all of the Cruel Slayers in the room, quickly turning an easy fight into a struggle for survival (as the slayers move very quickly and will attempt to join the battle ASAP)

Cold Watchmen almost always start with "Target Search" as their first move, and follow up by alternating between a normal attack or "Thorny Ball". "Target Search" lasts for at least 3-4 turns, the opposing Cold Watchman will always reuse this skill as it is about to wear off. Cruel Slayers are affected by "Target Search" and will attack the party member that it is under its effects.

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