Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Conceited Bud
Its tip is harder than it looks; all that it pierces will bleed.
Enemy Data
HP 3000
AT 85
DF 75
Skills Riot Lance, Raging Bud, Tentacle Rod
Items None
Weakness None
Resistance None
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The Warped Savior's left bud; for details on how to deal with this visit the Warped Savior's page.

Skills Edit

  • Head Crush (Uses arms): Line-piercing melee stab attack. May bind head.
  • Raging Bud (Uses arms): Melee stab attack to 1 target, may stun. Quick to activate.
  • Tentacle Rod (Uses arms): Melee stab attack to 1 line, may paralyze and lower defenses for 3 turns.
  • Riot Lance (Uses arms): 5-7 melee stab attacks across the entire party randomly, may bind all body parts. Requires cooperation with the Immoral Bud.

Related MonstersEdit

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