Coral Octopus (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Coral Octopus
Coral Octopus
An octopus that spews an addling ink. It is cautious and constricts its prey before the kill.
Enemy Data
HP 268
AT 22
DF 19
EXP 666
Skills Mud Ink
Items Tough Tentacle, Sharp Knob
Weakness Stab
Resistance Fire
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Coral Octopodes are first encountered in the 2nd Stratum on the 7th floor.

They are able to use Mud Ink, which binds the head of a single party member. On their own they are pretty harmless, but they can be dangerous if your Zodiac or Monk is hit with the skill and other monsters are in the fight to use the situation to their favor.

Skills Edit

  • Mud Ink (Uses ???): Binds the head of one party member.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

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