Corotrangul (also called Cotrangl) is a boss featuring on Etrian Odyssey and on Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, as the third stratum boss of the Azure Rainforest, and on Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, as a optional sea quest boss.

This giant manta-ray is the master of both water and wind elements, and can bend both with ease. It attacks with both powerful waves and raging blizzards. It can also use its mastery over air to hover above water.

Cotrangl (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A guardian beast of the forest folk. Master of the wind and water, it swims through the air.
Enemy Data
HP 7000
AT 250
DF 104
EXP 18000
Skills Blizzard, Flood, Tackle
Items Huge Fin, Ice Spine (Conditional)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt, Ice
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Cotrangl (Lord of the celestial ocean) is one of the two bosses of the Azure Rainforest, and will be battled on B15F. Kupala summons it in order to stop the explorers from advancing further into the labyrinth.

Contrary to the previous bosses, Cotrangl doesn't summon allies, and fights alone.

Strategy Edit

Cotrangl is pretty tough. Compared to the previous bosses, who where more defensively oriented, Contrangl is a offensive boss. This means that its attacks hit very hard.

Its main attack, Tackle, hits a single character for a ton of damage, often close to 200 HP. This can be reduced by Immunize and Protect, but even so, the damage is considerable. Blizzard hits very hard too, often dealing damage to a whole row. Flood is the most dangerous one. Although weaker than the previous ones, it hits the whole party, and worse yet, it can use this attack many turns in a row.

Although it may not sound that intimidating, keep in mind that Defender won't reduce elemental attacks damage, meaning it is only effective against Tackle, and even though Immunize is pretty useful, the protection wont be enough to allow you to survive a lot of hits. Cotrangl has lots of HP too, meaning useless you have a good offensive party, this fight can extend itself for quite a few turns, with is pretty bad. So, for a change, try not to be overly defensive against this boss, but don't forget to keep the defenses up, so you can withstand a little longer.

On addition of following strategies, you can use Blaze Oils, to increase damage dealt. Cotrangl is weak against fire, so using Flame with a alchemist is the best way to deal damage. Blazer is the best choice for your landsknecht, since Cotrangl has no allies, meaning Allslash is ineffective. Survivalists are effective on this fight, since this boss has low defenses. Boosted Apollon and Multihit can hit very hard when used along Blaze Oils. If you trained one, ronins are very helpful too, although its risky to use one, due to their low defenses. Midareba and Orochi are very powerful, and will deal a great amount of damage. A good medic is mandatory for this boss. Immunize is a must in order to reduce the damage dealt, if boosted, the damage will be ridiculous. Salve and Salve II are important too, due to the multi damaging skills. Revive is recommended too, in case it gets you off guard, but not mandatory. Caduceus can help dealing damage, but its recommended to focus on healing instead. Although helpful, a protector wont be necessary for this battle, unless you will be using Anticold, to block the boss skills, but its TP consuption is very high at this point, so doing so isn't recommended. Defender will only protect against Tackle, so it isn't mandatory for this fight, Despite that, Smite can deal some nice damage, and is pretty helpful. Troubadours, as always, are a very good choice for support. Ymir, along with Immunize, can reduce the ice skill's damage to nearly nothing, leaving only Tackle to worry about. You can also use the support skills to help at surviving or dealing damage, depending on your play style. Hexers arent very useful on this battle. While they can bind the boss and cast both Sapping and Frailty to weaken it, they wont be dealing much damage to it, useless they use revenge, with is very dangerous since the boss use flood very frequently. Although not very helpful either, dark hunters can use Bait to lure the boss into using Tackle into a stronger character, and can bind too. Recommended parts to bind are legs (blocks Tackle) and head (blocks Flood and Blizzard), although this boss is resistant against binds.

Skills Edit

  • Blizzard (Uses Head): Very heavy, ice-elemental damage to random targets. Hits 2-3 times, can cause sleep.
  • Flood (Uses Head): Heavy, ice-elemental damage to the whole party.
  • Tackle (Uses Legs): Very heavy, strike-based damage to a single target. Often fatal, unless protected.
  • Aquaveil (Uses Legs): This skill reduces all fire damage, can take level 10 flame down to 1 damage.
  • Ice Gaze (Uses Head): Reduces the strength of the entire party.
  • Coiling (Uses Legs): Binds arms and head of one party member.

Drops Edit

  • Huge Fin (Worth: 1800 en)
  • None.
  • Ice Spine (Worth: 6000 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Contrangl's conditional drop, the Ice Spine, you must kill Contrangl without using a Fire Attack as the finishing blow. Cotrangl's conditional drop only has a 30% chance of appearing after meeting the requirements.

Corotrangul (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

A monstrous manta ray that appeared after the Calamity, caging the marine city ever since.
Enemy Data
HP 4480
AT 34
DF 32
EXP 20000
Skills Flood, Coiling, Aqua Veil
Items Rending Fin, Sea King Ice
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt, Ice
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Corotrangul is a sea boss in Etrian Odyssey III. He can be fought in the sea quests for the Marine City of Sheba.

Corotrangul always brings two Bolt Strikers with him.

Skills Edit

  • Flood (Uses Head): Ice elemental attacks that hits the entire party and has a chance to put them to sleep.
  • Coiling (Uses Legs): Hits one party member and has a chance to bind the head.
  • Aqua Veil (Uses Legs): Increases the fire resistence of the user.
  • Summon (uses None): Summons Bolt Strikers or Nautiluses.
  • Ice Gaze (Uses Head): Ice elemental attack that hits the entire party and also reduces the offense of the party.

Drops Edit

  • Rending Fin (Worth: 441 en)
  • None.
  • Sea King Ice (Worth: 3000 en)

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get Corotrangul's conditional drop, Sea King Ice, you must kill it while its head is bound.

Related monsters Edit

Corotrangul (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

A guardian beast of the forest folk. Master of wind and water, it swims through the air.
Enemy Data
HP 9260
AT 43
DF 33
EXP 48650
Skills Flood, Coiling Tail, Aqua Veil
Items Huge Fin, Venom Spine (Conditional Drop)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt, Ailments, Binds
Immune Ice
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Corotrangul returns in Etrian Odyssey Untold, still serving as the second of the two stratum bosses of the third stratum Azure Rainforest at B15F, as well as being the first stratum boss to not rely on minions.

It relies heavily on Ice attacks, so equipping your party with gear that increases Ice resistance or having a Protector with Ice Wall at least level 5 will make the fight much more manageable. A Medic to remove the Sleep caused by Flood and the binds caused by Coiling Tail is also recommended.

It is weak to Fire moves, but can use Aqua Veil to temporarily remove this weakness. If removing the buff is not possible (ie. Troubadour's Eerie Chorus), physical attacks are recommended.

Skills Edit

  • Aqua Veil (Uses Head): Raises Fire resistance for 3 turns.
  • Coiling Tail (Uses Legs): Binds head, arms and legs of a single target.
  • Flood (Uses Arms): Heavy ice damage to random party members. Will not hit same target more than once. Can inflict sleep. Hits 3-5 times. Tends to not be used before 50% hp is lost. (unconfirmed)
  • Freeze Aura (Uses Head): Increases physical and elemental attack for three turns.
  • Ice Breath (Uses Head): Heavy ice damage to whole party.
  • Tackle (Uses Legs): Melee bash attack that pierces across lines, dealing heavy damage.

Drops Edit

  • Huge Fin (Worth: 2390 en)
  • Venom Spine (Worth: 11540 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to acquire its conditional drop, Venom Spine, you need to defeat it with poison damage. Killing it while poisoned without using the posion damage itself will not yield the drop. The Venom Spine unlocks the Arc Drawer, the strongest bow in the game.

King Grimoire: Edit

  • Sea Grimoire: A grimoire stone born in battle with Corotrangul. A stone containing special skills.
    • Abyssal Prayer: (TP Cost: 30) Lowers the TP cost for all allies this turn.

Corotrangul (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

A guardian beast of the forest folk, its name means "one from the sea" in a forgotten tongue.
Enemy Data
HP 33000
AT 95
DF 62
EXP 240000
Skills Flood, Coiling Tail, Aqua Veil, Freeze Aura, Ice Breath
Items None
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt, Stun, Fear, Panic, Head Bind
Immune Ice, Death, Petrify, Sleep, Paralyze, Blind, Leg Bind
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Corotrangul is the fourth boss fought in sequence in the downloadable quest Treasures Untold.

Like the bosses before it, Corotrangul gains a lot of health and stats to stand on even ground with postgame parties. Like its battle in the game before, it will open the fight with Ice Breath, and will follow Freeze Aura with a usage of Flood. Binding its head will be your best bet in this fight.


  • Ice Breath (Uses Head): Ranged ice attack to all enemies.
  • Flood (Uses Arms): 3-5 ranged ice attacks across the party randomly, may induce sleep.
  • Coiling Tail (Uses Legs): May bind multiple body parts of a party member.
  • Aqua Veil (Uses Head): Raises fire resistance for 5 turns.
  • Freeze Aura (Uses Head): Raises offenses for 5 turns.

Drops Edit

  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.


  • Corotrangul is the only stratum boss of the first Etrian Odyssey game who doesn't have any kind of minion(s) to help it during the fight.