"Rocks claw at uncertain wanderers"

The rocky walls here are sharp enough to cut, but observing the movement of the purple-winged bats that flit to and fro may reveal the way ahead."

Cramped Nest (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This little cave is the one being guarded by the Tusked Crusher in the Sacred Mountains, it's small but beware of the secret passages not all of them are open for safe passage! If you choose a wrong one you'll get injured and lose HP fairly quickly, so pay attention to where the Patrol Bats are flying. They're the key to finding out which passages are safe and which are not!

Another very cool trick that you can use to tell if an entrance is safe or not: if the entrance is unsafe, you will be prompted to "Go through?", whereas if it works, you will be prompted to "Proceed?". You can use this to effectively keep yourself healthy and out of danger.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Tiger's Eye
    • Said to heighten one's focus and insight
    • 120 en
  • Chalcedony
    • Formed of different crystals compressed
    • 360 en


Small ChestEdit

  • B/2-5/1: Protection II (Burst skill)

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit


  • Cramped Nest hunt - Attention, all explorers! A hunting contest will be held to test your skill! Go to the Cramped Nest!

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