Cruel Slayer (Etrian Odyssey IV) Edit

Cruel Slayer
A superior metal beast programmed to protect important areas. It has no pity or remorse.
Enemy Data
HP 3764
AT 52
DF 48
EXP 14694
Skills Frozen Sphere, Wrenching Fang
Items Stone Tusk
Weakness None
Resistance Physical Attacks, Ice
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Cruel Slayers are found in all floors of the Echoing Library. Normally, they will not move, serving as roadblocks to the player; however, if you are spotted by a Silent Killer, it will sound an alarm which activates this monster. Once activated it will relentlessly pursue you, moving at twice the normal steps per turn. Great caution must be taken, as up to three of these may be found in any one room.

Skills Edit

  • Frozen Sphere (Uses Head): Deals ice-elemental damage to on party member and splashes to neighboring party members.
  • Wrenching Fang (Uses Head): Deals damage to a single party member.

Drops Edit

  • Stone Tusk (Worth: 1215 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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