Cube Gel is an enemy found on Etrian Odyssey II and its remake.

Cube Gel (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Cube Gel
Cube Gel
An unusual lifeform made of viscous liquid. Normal attacks have little effect.
Enemy Data
HP 114
AT 13
DF 14
EXP 427
Skills Acid
Items Gel Core, Fiber Hide (Conditional)
Weakness Volt, Fire, Ice
Resistance Physical
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Cube Gels are first encountered on 5F.

Gube Gels normally come in groups with other monsters. Because of their resistance to physical attacks, they can be quite annoying to fight. They have the Acid ability, damaging a party member and healing the Cube Gel for half the damage dealt. Also, they heal for a few HP in between rounds.

Skills Edit

  • Acid (Uses arms): Deals medium damage to a single target and recover hp from the Cube Gel equal do half the damage inflicted.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Cube Gel's conditional drop, the Fiber Hide, you need to kill it with a Stabbing attack.

Related Monsters Edit

Cube Gel (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Cube Gel
Cube Gel EO2U
An unusual life-form whose viscous, liquid body is very difficult to damage.
Enemy Data
HP 84
AT 9
DF 8
Skills Stomach Acid
Items Gel Core
Weakness Elemental attacks, Poison
Resistance Physical attacks, Panic, Arm bind, Leg bind
Immune None
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Cube Gel is an enemy commonly found through the Ancient Forest, starting from B03F.

Cube Gels are very resistant to physical damage, while weak to all elemental attacks and poison. While in combat they won't pose much of a threat, however, once defeated they will use Stomach Acid as an final attack, which reduces the attack power of the entire party. For that reason its best to leave this enemy for last during a fight.

Skills Edit

  • Stomach Acid (uses ???): Reduces the attack power of the entire party. Used in the moment the Cube Gel dies.

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