My husband forgot to grab his lunch when he went to the Cramped Nest this morning. Would somebody take it to him?


Quest GuideEdit

Kirtida details the quest once you accept it:

"That request was just posted. The client wishes to send her husband a handmade lunch. It seems that husband is quite careless and forgot to take the client's lunch with him to work. His name is...let's see here...Aldis, and he is a soldier posted in the Cramped Nest. At this rate, he will have to go without lunch. I am counting on you to make sure that does not happen."

You obtain the Handmade Lunch to deliver. Remember the soldier's name.

Once you arrive at the Cramped Nest, A soldier greets the party:

As you step into the labyrinth with the lunchbox in hand, a soldier approaches...
"Ho there. We're investigating this labyrinth right now. Do you need something from our squad?"
When you inform him that you are here to deliver a solider's lunch, he laughs before answering.
"That might be a problem. Our squad all has similar names...Who are you trying to find?"
The soldier mentions four possible candidates: Albert, Alistair, Aldis, Alfred

Select "Aldis", and he will direct you:

"Aldis is...Hmm. Going by your map, he should be around area B-3."

Aldis' specific location is B-3/5-3, just southwest of the mining spot. If you have explored the Cramped Nest earlier, simply take the shortcut to quickly reach him. Otherwise you have to travel all around the Nest to get to him. Watch the movement paths of the Patrol Bats as they will indicate where all the shortcuts are.

Return to town to report the results.


  • Item: Head Hammer - enables head bind effect through forging
  • Exp: 3,000 per member

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