Deathman (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A suit of jet black armor that patrols the castle, cursed sword in hand.
Enemy Data
HP 1755
AT 57
DF 57
Skills Edge
Items Jet Shard, Metal Chip
Weakness Volt
Resistance Status Effects
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Deathmen are first encountered on 20F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.Most of the time they will use normal attacks for decent damage. Rarely they will make use of their Edge skill, which deals damage to the entire party and has a chance to instant kill.

While the risk of being insta-killed is scary, they rarely tend to use Edge and instead rely on normal attacks to deal damage.

With a proper trained and equipped party, this enemy shouldn't be a threat at all.

Skills Edit

  • Edge (Uses Arms):

Cursed Knight (Etrian Odyssey 3) Edit

Cursed Knight
Death Knight; border:2px solid #337800; background:;">
Cursed Knight
A jet black suit of armor that wanders this world and the next, bringing death to all.
Enemy Data
HP 15669
AT 62
DF 46
EXP 70000
Skills Dark Blade, Death's Edge
Items Jet Black Iron, Bound Shard (Conditional)
Weakness Volt, Confuse, Paralyze, Poison
Resistance Cut, Stab, Stun, Death, Petrify, Head Bind
Immune Arm & Leg Bind
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The Cursed Knight first appears as an FOE on 22F of the Heavenly Keep. It faces in one direction and normally cannot be interacted with until the player stands in front of one, upon which it and all other Cursed Knights in the room will turn aggressive and begin pursuing the player. However, the rooms they exist in also spawn flying bombs, and if the bombs cross paths with one of the Knights, it will detonate and destroy the knight without needing to engage in combat.

In combat, the Knight can prove to be a troublesome adversary. Dark Blade hits the entire party for cut damage and can potentially blind its targets. Death's Edge only hits one line but has a chance of causing instant death, making it a tough adversary for even high-levelled parties. Items and food that provide instant death resistance - usually something only available by the 6th stratum - are a near necessity to avoid unneeded party wipes, as it is immune to Arm Bind and so its attacks cannot be stopped that way. However, its vulnerability to Confusion can prevent it from using its troublesome skills, giving the party more time to work on it.

Skills Edit

  • Dark Blade (uses arms): Melee cut attack to all enemies, may blind.
  • Death's Edge (uses arms): Melee instant-killing attack to 1 row. Low accuracy but high instant-kill rate if it hits.

Conditional Drop Edit

To obtain the Bound Shard, defeat the Cursed Knight while it is head bound. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Shadow Glove, the best gauntlet for the Dark Hunter.


  • Etrian Odyssey 3's Cursed Knights are presumably the spirits of Deep City soldiers who broke into the Abyssal Shrine, attempting to reach the teleporter to the Porcelain Forest.
    • It is unknown as to why they attack the player's party despite them being humans fighting the Deep Ones (it's also still officially unknown as to where they came from). It's possible that they obey the Deep Ones out of fear. There's also the theory that, since all of the humans who joined Seyfried when the Deep City sank most likely transferred their souls to robotic bodies made from technology bestowed by the Yggdrasil Tree by the time the game's story takes place (which is at least a century after the City's sinking), it would make sense for the Tree to use brainwashing on them to suppress their negative human emotions to aid the fight against the Deep Ones. With that said, the brainwashing might have ended up causing those humans' suppressed emotions to manifest as Cursed Knights when they died.

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