The unreal and the grotesque
Blind plummet to the void
The tearful thorny trail
Those who stand resolved
That which can eternal lie

Floor descriptions, Cyclopean Haunt

The Cyclopean Haunt is the sixth and final stratum in Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. Located at the very bottom, it is where the Yggdrasil Tree sealed the god of the Deep Ones. Unlike the other strata, the Cyclopean Haunt contains five floors like in previous games, rather than four. This maze will put exploration skills to the ultimate test, with slippery walkways, pitfalls, no map reception areas, and thorny patches.

All around within the forest, there are large eyes that, if they catch sight of the party, will alert their presence to any nearby Dreamsmasher or Tentacle.


  • Mine: Perlite, Star Sapphire Zircon
  • Chop: Polyamide Fiber, Star Driftwood, Stardust Twig
  • Take: Ambrosia, Hogweed Oil, Maiden's Wheat





  • Pandora Egg
  • Cursed Shroom
  • Clionean
  • Ammonite
  • Longicorn
  • Insectortoise
  • Omnivore
  • Death Pumpkin
  • Hell Pumpkin
  • Tri-Pumpkin







  • Revelationer
  • Dreamsmasher
  • Vampire Tree


  • Tentacle
  • Vampire Tree
  • Revelationer
  • Dreamsmasher


Trivia Edit

  • "Cyclopean" has two meanings:
    • Cyclopean can mean "like a cyclops" or "one-eyed", referring to both the eyes found throughout the stratum and the Abyssal God's main eye.
    • Cyclopean is also a type of architecture made of large, unworked boulders with no mortar. This is likely a reference to the city of Y'ha-nthlei, where the Deep Ones and Cthulu live in H.P. Lovecraft's stories. It is described as "Cyclopean and many-columned".

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