Damage types are the inherent properties of any given attack in the games; both friends and foes' attacks share this trait, and certain attacks can have more than one type, or none

There are various kinds of damage types.

Physical Damage TypesEdit

Cut Edit

Includes edged weapons like swords and knives. Monsters using claws also fall within this category. Sometimes referred to as Slash.


Includes thrusting weapons, like rapiers and spears, and shooting weapons, like bows and guns. Also monsters using their spikes for attacks, or any kind of impaling skills. Sometimes referred to as Pierce.


Includes like hammers, staffs, fists, and any other blunt weapon. Oddly enough, axes are considered blunt weapons. Monsters may use slams or other attacks that produce an impact. Sometimes referred to as Strike or Crush.

Elemental Damage TypesEdit


Usually, but not limited to, flame and magma attacks. Hi-temperature skills without fire may still apply. Can be added to physical attacks. You know you are receiving fire damage if your character slot flashes red when taking a hit.


Any attack dealing with freezing temperatures fall under this category (blizzards, hail, icicles and the like). Can be added to physical attacks. You know you are receiving ice damage if your character slot flashes blue when taking a hit.


Any attack dealing with electricity fall under this category (lightning, thunder, shocks). Can be added to physical attacks. You know you are receiving volt damage if your character slot flashes yellow when taking a hit.

Other Edit

Almighty Edit

Another term for a type of attack that is unaffected by elemental resistances. Almighty skills, also known as Untyped or Typeless, are usually very powerful and expensive, or require special conditions. In later games, "almighty" became an element of its own, distinct from actually typeless, although almighty resistance is exclusive to enemies and never shown to the player.

None Edit

Typeless damage can be dealt by Poison, Plague, Curse, self-damaging attacks, and the Highlander's Gae Bolg (EO2U).

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