The Dark Paradise is a bonus 31st floor of the Labyrinth in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, available by purchasing "The Original Sin" DLC.

The floor is largely devoid of features. No random encounters are found on the floor as the player travels through its incredibly large rooms. This is because of the unique FOE - the Anomalocaris - which moves erratically and has an astounding sense of sight and smell. The true objective of the Dark Paradise, the Ur-Devil, resides at the end of the floor after braving the deadly critters.

A single Take spot exists on the floor, yielding materials used to make powerful items back at the shop, and a well-hidden treasure chest yields an Amrita II. Any Grimoire Stones with additional effects generated from battles in this floor will always have Rank 3 additional effects.



Take SpotEdit

  • Bloody Dew - Makes the Eye of Time which instantly revives all slain FOEs and bosses in the rest of the labyrinth.
  • Solomon's Seal - Makes the Healing Remedy, which fully restores the party's HP and TP outside of battle.
  • Antler Fungus - Makes the Over Soma, which restores 100 HP to the party and can overheal up to 100 HP.


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