Wild Wing (Darksoar in second installment) is an pterodactyl-like enemy found solely on Etrian Odyssey II and its remake.

Darksoar (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A carnivorous, flying beast. The wind that its wings can generate cuts even through steel.
Enemy Data
HP 1200
AT 39
DF 40
Skills Dust
Items Wing Skull, White Chip
Weakness Ice,???
Resistance ???
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Darksoars can be found throughout the 3rd Stratum, starting at 11F. They are Flying FOEs.

Their ability Dust does massive damage to two adventurers from the same row.

Skills Edit

  • Dust (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Wild Wing (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Wild Wing
Wild Wing
A carnivore who soars through the sky. You would be wise to use cold attacks...
Enemy Data
HP 167
AT 13
DF 10
Skills Beaked Rush
Items Wyvern Skull, Frozen Bone (conditional)
Weakness Ice, Blind
Resistance Sleep
Immune None
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Wild Wing is a very dangerous enemy found on the Ancient Forest, starting from the B03F floor.

In combat it can use the powerful Beaked Rush attack, which deals heavy damage and pierces across both character lines. This attack can easily deal over 40 damage, which is often deadly to back row characters, especially if they are fought in pairs. Wild Wings are also very fast, and can attack faster than most characters can act.

The best way to deal with this enemy is to inflict either head bind or blind on it, which will stop its attacks on their tracks. This enemy is also vulnerable to ice, and killing one with an ice attack nets you their conditional drop.

Skills Edit

Beaked Rush (uses head): Pierces across the front and back row and deals heavy damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

In order to get its conditional drop, the Frozen Bone, you must defeat the Wild Wing with an ice elemental attack.

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