The Deep City is a sunken part of Armoroad that is reached after completing the second stratum. It serves as a secondary hub for the game. The city is governed by the Abyssal King.

Places of Interest Edit

Twinkling TavernEdit

An establishment for resting in this sunken city, operated by Angie, an innkeeper and medic. The Abyssal King initially reserves rooms for the party wait while he prepares an official response to Armoroad's diplomatic package. Later, explorers may rest here or seek treatment while in the Deep City.

Note: Any items stored at Aman's Inn can be reclaimed at the Twinkling Tavern, and vice versa.

Napier's BranchEdit

A branch of Napier's Firm set up in the Deep City to be run by Edie's sister, providing supplies to explorers in the Deep City. All inventory and services are shared with Napier's Firm.

The Celestial PalaceEdit

The home of the Abyssal King. In addition to providing missions, he will also allow guild members to set a support class.  At some points in the game (especially when you've reached the final floor of the Porcelain Forest and are not in the post-game), you can talk to an Yggdroid sentry there, in Seyfried and Olympia's place.

Forest EntranceEdit

The entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, near some trenches. The labyrinth continues into the Molten Caves and enables backtracking into the depths of the Undersea Grotto. This also enables instant transportation back to Armoroad.

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