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Deep Princess (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Deep Princess
Deep Princess
Made immortal by the Deep One's power, she became tainted and lost some of her humanity.
Enemy Data
HP 14720
AT 54
DF 53
EXP 25500
Skills Ocean Drop, Sweet Song, Dubious Mist, Thin Ice, Thunder Wrath
Items Ominous Scale
Weakness None
Resistance Fire, Ice, Volt
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Deep Princess is the form Gutrune took, after allowing the blood of the Deep Ones to take over her. She is one of the three possible final bosses of Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, and can only be fought on the Deep City route.

Working under Seyfried's orders to slay the princess, in fear that the Deep Ones' blood could take over her and destroy Armoroad in the process, the explorers defeat Kujura and manage to reach the Porcelain Forest's deepest area, where the princess rests. She then stops resisting and lets the monster's blood take over her, transforming her into this.

Strategy Edit

Every five turns, she will release Dubious Mist on the party to lower ice resistance, making her Thin Ice attack more dangerous. For this reason, a Hoplite with maxed Anticold is recommended.

Occasionally, she will hit one party member with heavy Volt damage using Thunder Wrath. As her health lowers, she will start using Sweet Song in an effort to confuse the entire party.

Skills Edit

  • Ocean Drop (Uses ???): Heals the Deep Princess for a massive amount (5000 HP) and removes binds on her.
  • Sweet Song (Uses Head): Has a chance to confuse. Hits the entire party.
  • Dubious Mist (Uses Head): Lowers the ice resistance of all party members.
  • Thin Ice (Uses Head): Deals ice elemental damage to all party members.
  • Thunder Wrath (Uses Head): Deals volt elemental damage to one party member.

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