Defender (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A mechanoid whose presence is alien to the forest. It emits waves that cause neural static.
Enemy Data
HP 512
AT 61
DF 47
EXP 3518
Skills Head EM, Arms EM, Legs EM
Items Pure Shell, Pure Bone, Metal Chip
Weakness Volt
Resistance All Physical, Fire, Ice
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Defenders are first encountered on 24F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Skills Edit

  • Head EM (Uses ???):
  • Arms EM (Uses ???):
  • Legs EM (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Silver Sentinel (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Silver Sentinel
A mechanized sentry that emits nerve-damaging pulses. But what is it guarding...?
Enemy Data
HP 10260
AT 60
DF 45
EXP 40000
Skills EMP, Scorching Laser
Items Nickel Shell
Weakness Volt
Resistance All Physical, Fire, Ice, All Ailments
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Silver Sentinels are FOEs first encountered on 24F of the Heavenly Keep. They patrol certain areas, moving in a circle around a pillar, turning aggressive only if the player steps on their patrolled path. The issue lies in their numbers - often these FOEs are seen patrolling in groups of 2 to 4. To stop them, the player can lure the flying bombs into their paths, destroying the Sentinels on contact. However, if enough time passes, more Sentinels can respawn to reinforce the patrolled path. Sentinels no longer spawn if all the Sentinels patrolling an area are destroyed by the bombs.

In-battle, the Silver Sentinel is weaker on its own, in comparison to the other FOEs, the Sky Metal Knight and Cursed Knight. Its main threat comes from when multiple Sentinels gang up on the player, but careful positioning allows one to engage a single Sentinel without causing its companions to approach the party. It has two attacks, both of which require head to use - Scorching Laser can deal large fire damage to the entire party, while EMP can potentially triple-bind the entire party. The Barrier skill from a War Magus can deal with the latter, while Fire Wall from a Protector can deflect the former. Maintain these or bind its head, and the rest of the party can destroy the Sentinel without a problem.

Skills Edit

  • Scorching Laser (uses head): Inflicts large fire damage to the party.
  • EMP (uses head): May inflict head/arm/leg bind to the entire party.

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