"Beastly claws shred the shadows"

An overgrown forest, home to a stray Bloodbear. It may be the cause of the many fallen trees blocking your path, but it may also be the solution.

Dense Bushland (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This cave is, at first, not accessible at all thanks to it being elevated far beyond your skyships reach. However, once you obtain the Night shard and reach medium elevation, it becomes accessible; granted if you can get past the Supreme Wing hovering around it!

It's also home to a lone Bloodbear who has basically trashed the place but as it caused the mess, it can aid you in cleaning it up. If you lead him to the blocked pathways you'll be able to get him to clear the fallen tress for you quite easily. This cave is uneventful save for 2 Quests which require you to visit this cave at least a couple times!

Gather PointsEdit


  • Forest Aloe
    • A panacean plant that grows in clusters
    • 20 en
  • Small Flower
    • A pretty flower prized for use in medicines
    • 45 en


Small ChestEdit

  • C/3-3/2: Binoculars
  • C/1-3/3: Strength Bracers

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit


  • Small flowers needed! - Lately, I can't keep enough Small Flowers in stock to make Nectar. Someone please take me to the Dense Bushland!
  • Dense Bushland hunt (QR Quest) - Attention, all explorers! A hunting contest will be held to test your skill! Go to the Dense Bushland!

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