Attention, all explorers! A hunting contest will be held to test your skill! Go to the Dense Bushland!

Dense Bushland Hunt

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Dense Bushland Hunt (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit


  • Obtain the Night Shard
  • Discover the Dense Bushland
  • Recommended Level 17

Quest GuideEdit

This is fairly straightforward, after reporting to the Dense Bushland the soldier there explains that your guild and several others are here to slay as many War Bisons and Jig Lizards as possible! The minimum number of Bison you can slay and still receive a prize is 10, but you're welcome to strive to be the top hunter!

At certain intervals a text box will crop up telling you whether or not other guilds are in the area still slaying Bison/lizards, you're free to retire or strive to be in first place. The number to slay in order to obtain first place is 25, but at 30 you'll get the last text box saying that your guild is the only ones left.


  • Reward (10 Monsters): Amrita x3
  • Reward (25 Monsters): Amrita x6
  • Exp: 13,500

Similar QuestsEdit

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