The Macabre, later known as the Depth Dancer, is a FOE that appears in both Etrian Odyssey I and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl.

Macabre (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A bird that hunts deep in the Labyrinth. The most prudent option may be to flee.
Enemy Data
HP 5000
AT 393
DF 134
EXP 5500
Skills Evil Cry, Bad Beak
Items Odd Fruit, Ebon Plume (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance Elemental Attacks, Slash, Crush, Bindings, Status, Instant Death
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Macabre is a FOE found in B28F. They are aggressive FOEs that move two steps on the map, and every time you start a battle with one, it will get a blindsided attack, making it nearly impossible to run away from due to its gargantuan speed. It can use Evil Cry to improve its attack power, and Bad Beak for massive damage. Both Defender and Immunizer may be required for guaranteed survival. This enemy is also greatly resistant to every kind of attacks, only being vulnerable to pierce, every other kind barely doing damage to it.

Skills Edit

  • Evil Cry (Uses Head): Increases the user's attack.
  • Bad Beak (Uses ???): Deals damage to a single party member. Simply more powerful than a normal attack.

Drops Edit

  • Odd Fruit (Worth: 1250 en)
  • None.
  • Ebon Plume (Worth: 7000 en)

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Macabre's conditional drop, the Ebon Plume, you must kill the Macabre with a non-pierce attack.

Depth Dancer (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Depth Dancer
A bird that hunts deep in the Labyrinth. Only true hunters can avoid its swift strikes to defeat it.
Enemy Data
HP 14200
AT 88
DF 55
EXP 160000
Skills Demon Beak
Items Sinister Beak, Stiff Wing (conditional)
Weakness Stab
Resistance Fire, Ice, Volt
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Depth Dancers are wicked FOEs that can be found on floors B28F and B30F. They are some of the most dangerous enemies in the game, if not the most.

They will randomly spawn from the room walls, and there are always two of them in each room. They always move 3 steps at a time in a set direction, unless it aligns itself with the player party. If that happens, the FOE will dart in the direction of the party, trying to ram into them and starting a fight. If the attempt fails, they will simply move toward the next wall and disappear for a few turns, and then repeating the process.

In battle, they are fearsome opponents. They can summon two Red Corpuscles, which can inflict instant death, and use Demon Beak, an incredibly powerful skill that deals massive piercing damage to the whole party and can potentially blind them. The skill can easily deal over 500 damage to even the strongest defensive characters, easily wiping even the most prepared parties. They, however, lose their massive resistances from the previous game, only being resistant to elemental attacks. Also, it's no longer guaranteed that one will get a blindsided attack on you, it will only happen if it attacks you from behind.

The best way to deal with one is head binding it. Its extremely high speed may make it hard to accomplish before it casts Demon Beak though. Stab attacks work well against it, so Frederica and the Highlander can inflict great amounts of damage. Both it and the corpuscles are resistant against elemental attacks, so physical attackers are more recommended. Skills that boost your defenses and reduce the enemy attack power are recommended as well. One lovely surprise is that they are quite vulnerable to blind, making their own Demon Beak attack, which can be obtained, very effective against both them, and the Red Corpuscles they summon due to its sheer power.

Be prepared to handle 2 of these at once, though, as the floors with Depth Dancers have a tendency to spawn them in pairs, and it becomes incredibly likely that the second Dancer will reach the party before they can kill the first.


  • Demon Beak (Uses Head): Stab attack to the all enemies with a chance of blind.

Drops Edit

  • Sinister Beak (Worth: )
  • None.
  • Stiff Wing (Worth: )

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get the Stiff Wing, you must kill a Depth Dancer while it is completely bound. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Ghost Vest, the best armor for Dark Hunters.

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  • In the Japanese version, this monster is known as That Which Flutters in The Abyss. This was translated to Macabre in the original Etrian Odyssey (a reference to Dance Macabre), and Depth Dancer in EOU (a more literal translation of their name).