Direwolf (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A large, ferocious wolf. This aggressive red-furred monster is

famous for its sharp bite.

Enemy Data
HP 464
AT 189
DF 116
EXP 1420
Skills Blazer
Items Red Fur, Red Blood
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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Direwolves are first encountered on B22F.

These wolves are a Fire-themed, stronger version of the Wolf. However, Direwolves appear as a random encounter, not as FOEs, making them much more abundant than ordinary wolves.

Constantly appearing in groups, they tend to use its Blazer to deal a decent amount of damage to the whole party, which can become dangerous in a group of 4 Direwolves, blazing their way towards the party.

Ice-Typed attacks are the best when facing them, making Cocytus a great way to deal enormous damage to the monsters

Related Monsters Edit


  • The name of this species of creature is a reference to Dire Wolves from real life. They are said to be giant wolves that have gone extinct.

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