Divine Judge (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Divine Judge
Divine Judge
A beast worshipped as the messenger of the gods in eastern countries. It is now able to use spells.
Enemy Data
HP 6890
AT 60
DF 55
EXP 22560
Skills Divine Storm, Exhaust Field, Phosphorescence
Items Ghostly Fur, Intelligence Book, Deathly Stone
Weakness None
Resistance Fire, Ice, Volt
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Divine Judges are FOEs found in the Porcelain Forest on B19F and B20F, and are essentially the nastier cousins of the Volt-using foxes found throughout the stratum. They patrol along different routes depending on the time of day, moving east and west in the daytime and north and south at night.

Skills Edit

  • Divine Storm (Uses ???): Heavy volt damage to random party members.
  • Exhaust Field (Uses ???): Doubles the TP cost of all skills used that turn.
  • Phosphorescence (Uses ???): Regenerates health for several turns.

Drops Edit

  • Ghostly Fur (Worth: 3820 en)
  • None.
  • Deathly Stone (Worth: 6000 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get the Deathly Stone, you must kill it while it is completely bound.

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