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Earthlain (Japanese name Earthrun) is one of the four races for characters in Etrian Odyssey V. They are the most human-like race and the most populous within Arcania. Their stat growth is well-rounded, with their Luck and Vitality growth being the highest among all the races. They boast the best HP growth and worst TP growth of all four races.


On creation, Earthlain characters can only take Fencer, Dragoon, Pugilist and Harbinger classes. This works to the favour of their stat spread, with their high Vitality and HP allowing them to function well on the front lines, and their great Luck synergizing with the ailment-inducing skills that their default classes gain

Past Level 5, Earthlain characters can change to other classes, though their stat spread makes them ill-suited for magic-oriented classes, leaving Masurao and Rovers as their remaining options. Compared to Therians in those classes, doing so will trade strength and speed for greater durability and better bind/ailment accuracy. Some opt to make the most of their incredible Luck stat by reclassing Earthlain members to Smoke-oriented Botanists.

Stat ProgressionEdit

1 61 37 16 10 18 12 15 17
10 87 52 23 15 26 17 22 26
20 116 69 32 21 35 24 30 36
30 151 89 43 28 46 32 40 49
70 315 185 91 61 98 69 87 107
99 474 278 139 93 148 105 132 163

Race SkillsEdit

Skill Description Type Requires
Analyze Registers one enemy's details into the Monstrous Codex during battle. Union (1) Automatic
Double Attack Two allies attack one enemy with their equipped weapons. Union (2)
Full Retreat High chance to escape from battle and return to the floor's entrance. Union (3)
Mana Heal Slightly restores TP to the party. Union (4)
Blessing Slightly restores HP to the party at the end of the turn. Union (1) None
Gaia's Grace May restore a small amount of TP when using a Base Skill in battle. Passive
Fishing Allows catching fish at certain spots in the labyrinth. Field
Forage Skill Grants a keen eye for your surroundings. Also slightly increases AGI. Passive
Resuscitate Revives one fallen ally. Union (2) Character Lv5
Sorting Skill Increases inventory space by 5. Can stack. Also slightly increases VIT. Passive
Gathering Skill Increases material yield from chopping, taking, and mining. Field
Animal Care Allows tending to farm animals that you encounter during your journey. Passive
Tri-Shield Negates up to three enemy attacks for one turn. Union (3) Character Lv10
Nimble Arts Slightly raises resistance to head/arm/leg binds. Passive
Resilience Slightly resists curse, petrify, sleep, panic, paralysis, poison, and blind. Passive
Bulwark Slightly raises cut/stab/bash resistance. Passive
Black Mist Decreases enemy resistance to binds and status ailments for one turn. Union (4) Character Lv15
Bodybuilding Slightly increases STR and VIT. Stat Up
Cardio Slightly increases AGI and LUC. Stat Up
Talent Slightly increases INT and WIS. Stat Up
Determination For one turn, may endure a lethal blow. Also blocks binds and status ailments. Union (5) Character Lv20
Gaia's Gift May restore a small amount of TP when using a Master skill in battle. Passive
Anatomy Increases enemy drop rate. Can stack. Also slightly increases INT. Passive
Gourmet Doubles the amount of HP/TP recovered from consuming food. Passive

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