Congratulations are in order. You have arrived here without succumbing to fear, weak humans... We dragons are ever your bitter enemies. We are the embodiment of fear, an ordeal spanning all time. And now the Elder dragon god stands as your final test. Such is our conflict's unwritten law... No more words are necessary. Take up your weapons, warriors! Face this final ordeal!
Elder Dragons' speech, Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

Elder Dragon (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Elder Dragon
Elder Dragon
The pinnacle of organic life that has observed the world since the time of the gods.
Enemy Data
HP 44800
AT 82
DF 79
EXP 84000
Skills Supernova, Green Flash, Black Fire
Items Holy Horn, Divine Scale (Conditional)
Weakness Arm Binds
Resistance Physical, Elemental, Head Bind, Leg Bind, Ailments
Immune None
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The Elder Dragon is a Superboss from Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. He is fought at the Aerial Forest and is also the final boss of the sea quests.

This solemn being is considered a god among the dragons, and sure has the powers to match one. He watches the world from the top of a flying island, atop an isolated island on the north sea, and is said to appear to those brave enough when the world is in time of crisis. In fact, he is to challenge powerful humans to defeat his ordeals, granting them power to face said crisis.

Once the explorers finish their duties with either Armoroad or the Deep City, the dragon deity challenge them to defeat his three trials, promising them power great enough to defeat the Evil One, should they succeed. Once the explorers complete said task, they are given permission to face this powerful being, with the help of the many other explorers that took part of their sea missions.

Skills Edit

  • Supernova (Uses Head): Deals massive damage (no kidding, close to 10,000) to the whole party. Mostly means an instant game over. The only way to block it is either using Uroboros Guard or Binding its head. Is used every 4 turns, or right after Breath, breaking the pattern.
  • Grand Dive (Uses None): Deals heavy damage to the whole party.
  • Wing Rush (Uses None): Deals extremely heavy damage to the front row. This attack is extremely dangerous, dealing close to 400 damage when undefended. It also seems to attack faster than the other attacks, meaning you may not have enough time to heal from the previous turn.
  • Ancient Breath (Uses None): Recovers 1,500 HP and removes binds. Usually uses Supernova or Breath on the next turn.
  • Green Flash (Uses None): Extremely heavy volt elemental damage to a single target. Very dangerous, dealing 500-700 damage.
  • Black Fire (Uses None): Heavy fire elemental damage to random targets. Hits between 5 to 10 times.

Drops Edit

  • Holy Horn (Worth: 5890 en)
  • None.
  • Divine Scale (Worth: 20000 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get its conditional drop, the Divine Scale, you must kill this monster while it is completely bound.


  • While the Elder Dragon does not appear in Etrian Odyssey IV, he is implied to be the mysterious figure that petitions the guild to slay the Fallen One.