The three great dragons.

The elemental dragons are powerful, legendary beasts that can't usually be found by normal means. They are dragons that have lived over a millennium, each with their respective elements of fire, ice and voltage.

They can only be fought during the postgame and it is mandatory to have skills that nullify their specific element.Other dragon bosses related to these beasts include the Wyvern, Elder Dragon, and Fallen One.

The dragonsEdit

Great DragonEdit


Main article: Great Dragon

Also known as Wyrm. Gargantuan red dragon ruling over the fire element, its searing breath can turn a whole army into charcoal instantly, and its maddening howl will confuse the whole party.

Storm EmperorEdit


Main article: Storm Emperor

Also known as Dragon. Serpentine yellow dragon that seems to feed on lightning, its shocking breath will destroy any living thing it reaches. It knows how to debuff as well, and may (rarely) drain energy from your party.

Blizzard KingEdit


Main article: Blizzard King

Also known as Drake. Cruel blue dragon with three heads and several eyes on each, its chilling breath can steal the life of its targets in a matter of seconds. Has a pretty good regenerative ability.


By no means you should try absorbing their elemental attacks, since this doesn't block the status effects they often carry. For instance, even if you absorb a drake's 0-point to recover HP, you could still die right away with its insta-kill effect. On the first two games, this can be done by leveling a protector's anti elemental skills to level 5 (don't go above this), and on Etrian Odyssey III by maxing the hoplite's version of that skill. This will block elemental attacks without absorbing HP, effectively nullifying the attack, status effects included.

Also bring along items or a character that can dispel enemy buffs or protect against status changes, because sometimes they will use both.

If you want to get their rare drops, the killing blow must be of the same element as the dragon's.


  • It is most likely true that there is more than one individual of each elemental dragon type (being that they are recurring bosses, and the fact that if each dragon was the same creature, then the Fallen One in EO4 would have been freed before the events of the game, and Utopia, the lair of the Sky Kaiser, in Etrian Mystery Dungeon would have had its seal broken before that game occured (although EMD is not canon to the main-series games).

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