The self-styled Empire that has kidnapped the Medium would like to meet with me. Please act as my escorts on the Journey.


Quest GuideEdit

Upon entry to the Cloudy Stronghold, your progress is immediately halted by Imperial skyships. You are also requested to bring the Outland Count to the South Sanctuary for negotiations with the Empire.

Return to town and speak with the Outland Count to initiate this mission. Return to the Cloudy Stronghold, and a few of the Imperial skyships have now moved to allow you access to the South Sanctuary. Enter here, and negotiations will begin. Prince Baldur heads to the next room with the Count to discuss the Yggdrasil, while Logre apologizes for deceiving the party and starts to explain his own motives for his actions thus far.

Eventually, though, the Count is outraged at the plan, as it involves the sacrifice of the Vessels and Sentinels, and refuses to cooperate. Baldur decides to enact the plan by force, taking the Medium with him as Logre stands in the party's way. The party battles Logre, but after a short time, Logre also escapes. Return to the skyship to find that the Imperial patrols have been withdrawn as they now are focused on guarding Echoing Library. While the player now has free roam of the southern region of the Cloudy Stronghold, they will require a method to attain even higher elevation to explore the rest of the land.

Hit the Geomagnetic Pole and return to town to complete the mission.


  • Item: 5,000en
  • Exp: 3,000 per member

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