Essence Drainer (Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl)Edit

Essence Drainer
Essence Drainer
A giant, blood-red bat. Adventurers that have difficulty keeping pace with them must be patient.
Enemy Data
HP 9580
AT 72
DF 49
EXP 60000
Skills Echolocation, Blood Drain, Claw Dance
Items Bat Skin, Venom Fang
Weakness Pierce, Volt
Resistance None
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Essence Drainers are FOEs that are in the secret area of B15F. They will not appear unless you are in a battle. During a battle, they will become agressive and can move multiple squares per turn in a straight line towards the player. They will disappear as soon the player is out of battle. Between 1 and 3 Essence Drainers can spawn at once depending on the room.

The easiest place to battle an Essence Drainer is the room in the South Eastern side of square B3, since only 1 Essence Drainer will spawn in this room.

Skills Edit

  • Echolocation (Uses ???):
  • Blood Drain (Uses ???):
  • Claw Dance (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get it's conditional drop, the Venom Fang, it must die directly from poison damage. It will not count if it is killed by a regular attack while poisoned.

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