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I am Yggdrasil's guardian; the only survivor of my era.
Etreant, Etrian Odyssey

Etrian OdysseyEdit

Etreant is the final boss of Etrian Odyssey.

The form the Chieftain took as the Lord of Yggdrasil, when he fused

with the Labyrinth.

Enemy Data
HP 18000
AT 470
DF 160
Skills Thorns, Twigs, Inferno, Cyclone, Resolve
Items Shroud
Weakness None
Resistance ???
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He is faced at B25F (The Moment of Epiphany) and is one of the hardest bosses in the game.


After reaching the last stratum, defeating Ren and Tlachtga, and reaching the deepest floor, the heroes discover that the mastermind of the events that took place in the labyrinth was none other than Visil, Etria's chieftain, who was trying to keep the labyrinth secrets away from curious eyes at any costs. Having failed to destroy the party in indirect ways, he decide to take action, fusing himself with the Yggdrasil Tree, and engaging the heroes on a last, desperate battle to keep their mouths shut forever.


Etreant is a pretty tough fight. Having 18000 HP means the battle will be pretty long as well. His most common attack, Cyclone, deals heavy, non-elemental damage to the whole party, and may be used several turns in a row, giving you little chance to heal. He might also attack with the dangerous Thorns, which is far more powerful than Cyclone and hits multiple times, but is rarely used. However, Etreant has a high chance of using this in the first turn. Inferno is another powerful attack, not only dealing heavy damage, but it is also able to instantly kill the target. All damage dealt will be drained to recover his own HP reserves. Despite having high HP, Etreant's defense isn't very good, and it's somewhat vulnerable to magic attacks. Still, its Twigs skill can prolong the battle, since it blocks every non-magic attack.

At the start of the battle, it will simply spam Cyclone and Resolve, to erase the party buffs, like Bravery or Immunise. It's recommended to keep both Immunise and Defender, since its attacks deal heavy damage to multiple characters. Its most powerful attack, Inferno, can easily one-hit kill even stronger characters with scary ease. Also, along with its high speed, using Resolve, it can remove your buffs, and on next turn, destroy you with its strong attacks. Having a Survivalist for using 1st Turn on your characters with buff skills is helpful. Binding it is easy too. By using a Dark Hunter, you can render him almost defenseless.

After the first half of the battle, it will start casting Twigs more frequently (around 90% of the times you use physical skills), meaning you'll have to either have to cease using skills or start using more magic attacks. You can also take that at your advantage: if you have a Survivalist faster than Etreant, by using Apollon, it will hit the boss before it can cast Twigs. That, along with a powerful magic user, can make this fight much easier. Even so, this is, by no means, a weak enemy, and should not be underestimated as a small mistake can lead to a certain Game Over.


  • Resolve: Removes the whole party buffs. Only uses if the party has more than 5 distributed buffs.
  • Twigs: Blocks any physical attacks (magic attacks bypass it). Has a low chance of using it whenever a party member uses a physical skill, and are always summoned at the beginning of the turn (Apollon bypasses it if lands before the skill is used). When he is near-death he will start using this skill more often.
  • Thorns: Deals huge, non-elemental damage to random targets. May hit 5-6 hits.
  • Cyclone: Deals heavy, non-elemental damage to the whole party.
  • Inferno: Deals huge, non-elemental damage to a target and recovers Etreant's HP to the same damage dealt. Its power is very high, often killing even defensive characters with buffs. May also kill the target instantly.
  • Grown: Regeneration 900 HP at when turn end for 3 turn

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium GirlEdit

The form the Chieftain took as the Lord of Yggdrasil, when he fused

with the Labyrinth.

Enemy Data
HP 22000
AT 65
DF 48
Skills Thousand Nails, Tempest, Infernal Drain
Items Shroud
Weakness Fire
Resistance None
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Etreant returns as the final boss of the Classic mode, and one of the three end-game bosses of the story mode. He's now far more powerful than his original incarnation, turning into a far greater threat, and is one of the hardest bosses in the game.


While in Etrian Odyssey Untold his backstory remains the same, it's revealed that he is controlled by the corrupt Yggdrasil Core, which explains his harsh actions and attempts to convince the party to stop the exploration in the labyrinth. However, he shows to still have some control over his actions, and it's unknown to what extent his actions where influenced by the tree, as Visil had his reasons to keep people from reaching the labyrinth's depths.


Etreant is a extremely offensive boss, with its powerful, and often deadly, attacks. Its main attack, Root Cyclone, deals very high damage to the whole party, and cannot be weakened by neither Defender nor Immunize. Instead, it's recommended to use debuffs against it, like Sapping Curse or Forest Breach (via grimoires). If you are having trouble surviving this attack, defend on the turns he use it, as its somewhat easy to predict when he will use this. Thousand Nails is a much weaker attack, and misses rather often, so it should not cause much trouble. Be careful, however, as it may hit the same target twice. He can also use Infernal Drain, which deals high damage to the target and recovers the same amount to Etreant's HP. By the time it hits around half of his HP, the boss will start casting King's Resolve, which removes all the buffs on the party. Right after this, it will cast its most dangerous attack, Tempest. While the damage of it alone isn't much, it hits random characters multiple times, like Thousand Nails, and has a chance to completely bind any character that is hit by it. This is extremely dangerous, and on the next turn he will use Root Cyclone, which can result on a Game Over if you couldn't recover fast enough from the last assault. When close to death, the boss will start regenerating HP, so you might want to bring a Metopon or two.


  • Root Cyclone: Heavy damage to the whole party. Cannot be weakened with immunize or defender. Can deal 300+ damage when not defended.
  • Thousand Nails: Medium damage, random targets. Hits 4-5 times. Low accuracy.
  • Infernal Drain: Heavy damage, single target. Recovers the same amount from the boss hp. While the damage is often fatal, the amount of hp the boss will recover is often very low. 
  • King's Resolve: Removes the buffs from the whole party. Uses Tempest in the next turn.
  • Tempest: Deals heavy damage to random targets. May bind head, arms and legs. Hits 6-7 times. Extremely dangerous. Uses Root Cyclone on the next turn.
  • Eternal Trunk: Gives Etreant an regen effect, recovering 1000HP per turn. Can be canceled with a Metopon or Eerie Chorus. Uses when hp is low. 


Etrian Odyssey - Music Throne of Creation03:28

Etrian Odyssey - Music Throne of Creation

The final boss theme, Throne of Creation

Trivia Edit

  • The name of Visil's Etreant form is possibly a play on the words Etrian and Treant, which is a fictional walking tree originating from Dungeons & Dragon.

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