The town of Etria is the main location and the hubworld of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. Etria is governed by the Radha, a council led by Visil. It has seven locations one can choose to visit:
  • The Rooster Inn: The main inn of Etria. It is here where adventurers can rest and get their ailments healed.
  • Shilleka's Goods: Owned by Shilleka, this is the go-to place to weapons, armor, accessories, and items that every adventurer needs.
  • The Mansion: A mansion owned by Raquna's family. Here is the main base of operation for the player's guild.
  • Golden Deer Pub: The main pub and hot spot of the town. Adventurers here can rest with each other and exchange stories about the labyrinth with great food and good wine.
  • Explorer's Guild: Ran by the Guildmaster, it is here where guilds have to get registered and organized.
  • Radha Hall: The main hall of Etria Town. It is here where most soldiers are dispatched into the Labyrinth, and those who wish to become adventurers must first pass a test: mapping the Labyrinth's first floor.
  • Forest Entrance: The path that leads towards the Ygddrasil Labyrinth. Only registered adventurers are allowed inside.

According to the opening cutscene, as well as the in-game dialogue, Etria is to the far east of High Lagaard(due to the Highlander Tribe being in the same region).

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