Etrian Odyssey Nexus
Etrian Odyssey Nexus Logo
Developer(s) Atlus
Publisher(s) Atlus
Designer(s) Yuji Himukai
Composer(s) Yuzo Koshiro
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date JP: August 2 2018

NA: February 5 2019

Genre(s) Role-Playing
Mode(s) Single-Player
Rating(s) CERO: B


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Etrian Odyssey Nexus (世界樹の迷宮X Sekaiju no Meikyū Cross) appears to be the sixth mainline installment in the Etrian Odyssey series. Little is known at this point except that it will bring many features back from previous entries and utilize many old classes while adding a couple new ones.

Story Edit

A royal decree from Princess Persephone of Lemuria has gathered the realm's greatest explorers to the floating city of Maginia. These explorers will plunge into the mysteries of the Lemuria archipelago and its Yggdrasil Tree seeking treasure and glory.

Gameplay Edit

Players can switch between four difficulty settings, toggle auto-mapping, and choose between custom and a standalone story mode. There are over a hundred in-game quests.


So far, there have been nineteen classes and one pseudo-class revealed to be included in Etrian Odyssey Nexus.


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