Dread Hydra (Evildra in second installment) is a fearsome multi-headed dragon fought in Etrian Odyssey II and on its remake.

Evildra (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Its true intelligence is in its center, which directs the rest of the poison-fanged heads.
Enemy Data
HP 5000
AT 75
DF 75
Skills Charge, Banquet
Items Evil Bone
Weakness None
Resistance Fire, Ice, Volt
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Evildras are first encountered on 22F of the Heavenly Keep.

As FOEs, Evildra's are passive and do not move during the day. Once it is night, they begin patrolling like any other FOE.

Evildra uses Charge in the first round to make its Banquet move availible, which deals a good amount of damage to the entire party.

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses ???):
  • Banquet (Uses ???):

Related MonstersEdit

Dread Hydra (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Dread Hydra
Dread Hydra
The central head directs all the others, with their sharp, fearsome fangs.
Enemy Data
HP 381
AT 17
DF 15
Skills Horror Banquet
Items Bony Scale
Weakness Volt, Head bind
Resistance Pierce, Stun
Immune None
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Dread Hydra is an enemy found on the deepest parts of the first floor of the Ginnungagap.

It can use Horror Banquet to deal heavy damage to the entire party. While this attack is strong, it shouldn't be enough to kill any party member with full HP, having a Medic with Salve or a war magus with War Heal All easily counters this.

As to be expected, binding its heads will leave the Dread Hydra defenseless. Using other status effects is also effective.

Skills Edit

  • Horror Banquet (uses heads): Deals heavy damage to the entire party.

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