Eviloid is a small, flying plant monster. This family of monsters specializes in casting status effects on your party.

Eviloid (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

This flower's defensive abilities preemptively stop adventurers from using certain skills.
Enemy Data
HP 142
AT 66
DF 46
EXP 345
Skills Petals, Silencer
Items Scent Wood, Thick Leaf
Weakness Fire
Resistance Status, Instant Death
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Eviloids are stronger Petaloids found soon after you encounter Petaloids. Eviloids start appearing on the B8F and afterwards continue to appear for the rest of the Stratum.

While Petaloids can put your entire party to sleep, Eviloids are more content with just head binding your entire party with Silencer or hitting your entire party with Petals. Eviloids as such aren't as dangerous as Petaloids are, despite being found after a Petaloid. They don't actually use either of these skills often, and being Head Bound just doesn't hurt your party in general as much as sleep does.

It is when Eviloids are paired with Petaloids when they are strongest, because an Eviloid's Petals Skill will be enough early on to KO or heaviliy hurt a team full of asleep people. When Petaloids are present, try to defeat one of them first (do not spread the damage).

They drop two items: Scent wood, while it can be obtained by killing Eviloids, can also be found from Chop Points. The Thick Leaf is the other Drop.

  • 3 Scent Wood and 3 Feathers (Firebird or Goldbird) Creates the Oak Jacket (DEF+8, TP+8)
  • 1 Thick Leaf creates a Leaf Tunic (DEF+6)
  • 3 Thick Leaf and 3 Mint Leaf (Take Points) Creates the Sonard Medicine
  • 5 Thick Leaf creates the Leaf Cape (DEF+2, HP+10)

Related MonstersEdit

Eviloid (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

A dangerous flower with a will of its own. If you breathe in its pollen, you may lose your sanity.
Enemy Data
HP 501
AT 43
DF 39
EXP 3293
Skills Panic Pollen, Petals
Items Evil Copal, Small Flower
Weakness Slash, Fire
Resistance Bash
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Eviloid is found in the Golden Keep or Echoing Library B3F.

The can cast your entire party into a state of confusion, which can either drag a battle out or ruin it completely.

Skills Edit

  • Panic Pollen (Uses Head): If closed, attempts to afflict one party member with Panic. If open, attempts to afflict entire party with Panic.
  • Petals (Uses Head): Inflicts cut damage on multiple party members. Only used while open.

Related MonstersEdit

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