The Explorers Guild, a common element in all games of the series, is the place where the player can manage his or her guild.

The administration of the guild involves recruiting new members, form an exploring party with these members, and letting them rest, retire or leave.



Creates a new explorer, chooses its portrait and class. In Etrian Odyssey III and IV, each portrait has a palette swap.


Manages individual recruits with the following commands:

  • Retire: An existing explorer retires and their apprentice takes its place. The apprentice has better base stats and a few more skill points, but lacks experience, entering at half the retiree's level (max Lv 30).
  • Alter Class: Change the explorer's class without changing their name, portrait, and stat growth. The character reverts to half their level (max Lv 30), and retains bonuses gained from retiring. Available only in the Untold games and Etrian Odyssey V.
  • Rest: The explorer takes a rest. You can reorganize all of your skill points, but you will lose a few levels in return. The explorer also loses their subclass, allowing you to choose a new one for them.
  • Rename: Change the explorer's name. Older games also imposed a fee to doing so. Story mode members in the Untold games cannot be renamed.
  • Leave/Dismiss: The explorer leaves the guild. Basically an "Erase" command. Story mode members in the Untold games cannot be removed.


  • Arrange: Create an exploration party with your recruits and decide on their battle formation. The first 3 slots are the front row, and the other 3 are the back. However, only up to 5 members may be selected.
  • Change Order: Change the way the guild members are listed.
  • Squads: Save a particular party arrangement using your guild's members. Available in EOIV and subsequent games. In the Untold games, instead of forming the squad to be recorded, the current active party is saved to one of the slots instead.
  • Muster: Call up a saved squad to quickly swap between adventuring parties. Available in EOIV and subsequent games.

Set SubclassEdit

In Etrian Odyssey III and IV, sets the subclass for any party member who doesn't have one yet. This option becomes available after a certain point in the plot. Party members cannot change their subclass unless they Rest.


Available to characters of Lv30 and up, retiring a character removes them from the guild and replaces them with a new one at half their current level (to a maximum of Lv30) with bonuses to skill points and stats depending on the level of the retiring character. The new character can take up the same name, class, and portrait as the old one. Retiring bonuses do not stack, and the most recent bonus will be in effect.

In Etrian Odyssey I, retirement bonuses are as follows. The stat boost depends on the class of the retiring character. Protectors give a bonus to VIT; Landsknechts and Ronin boost STR; Medics, Alchemists and Hexers boost TEC; Dark Hunters, Survivalists, and Troubadours boost AGI.

  • Lv 30-39: +1 stat, +2 skill points
  • Lv 40-49: +1 stat, +3 skill points
  • Lv 50-59: +2 stat, +4 skill points
  • Lv 60-69: +2 stat, +5 skill points
  • Lv 70: +3 stat, +6 skill points

In Etrian Odyssey II, retirement bonuses are as follows.Retiring a Lv70+ character in this game who has reached their level cap will raise that character's level cap by 1, and this bonus is preserved across multiple retirements until the character is deleted.

  • Lv 30-39: +4 all stats, +4 skill points
  • Lv 40-49: +3 all stats, +5 skill points
  • Lv 50-59: +4 all stats, +6 skill points
  • Lv 60-69: +5 all stats, +7 skill points
  • Lv 70-98: +5 all stats, +8 skill points, +1 max level
  • Lv 99: +10 all stats, +10 skill points

In Etrian Odyssey III and all subsequent games and remakes, retirement bonuses are as follows. If the character's stats are increased through the use of books, their apprentice will also have these stat bonuses and retain the number of available uses.

  • Lv 30-39: +1 all stats, +4 skill points
  • Lv 40-49: +2 all stats, +5 skill points
  • Lv 50-59: +3 all stats, +6 skill points
  • Lv 60-69: +4 all stats, +7 skill points
  • Lv 70-98: +5 all stats, +8 skill points
  • Lv 99: +10 all stats, +10 skill points

Story Mode characters in EOU cannot Retire, but still gain the bonuses if you perform the Alter Class option on them. In EO2U, they can retire under a different name - Train. The player cannot change the name, class, or portrait of the character, but the bonuses will be the same as retiring any other Classic Mode character.

Due to the different ways stats are calculated, the retirement bonuses in Etrian Odyssey V are different:

  • Lv 30-39: +2 all stats, +4 skill points
  • Lv 40-49: +4 all stats, +5 skill points
  • Lv 50-59: +6 all stats, +6 skill points
  • Lv 60-69: +8 all stats, +7 skill points
  • Lv 70-98: +10 all stats, +8 skill points
  • Lv 99: +20 all stats, +10 skill points

In-game GuildsEdit

Etrian OdysseyEdit

Explorer guild

The Explorers Guild is a place in Etria where all the labyrinth exploring guilds meet to plan their expeditions. There are always a bunch of new recruits looking to join a guild.

Etrian Odyssey IIEdit


In EO2U, Story Mode characters can now experience the benefits of retiring by Training. They cannot be replaced by new characters, so their class and portrait are retained. Fafnirs and Beasts cannot use the Alter Class feature.

The GuildmasterEdit

This battle-hardened woman knight is always concealing her face behind a mask. In the past, she was involved in an incident on which her whole corps were decimated by the great red dragon, Wyrm. As a result, she silently harbors great hatred towards the beast.

Etrian Odyssey IIIEdit


The Explorer's Guild is where guilds can manage their party. The Guildmaster will give a starter set of Limit skills to newly formed guilds.

Etrian Odyssey IVEdit

The Explorer's Guild has increased functionality compared to earlier games, enabling the player to muster designated squads. Once the player has defeated Kibagami, the ability to add subclasses to your party members is unlocked. Doing so grants the adventurer 5 additional skill points, although they cannot change their subclass until they rest.

Etrian Odyssey VEdit

Like with subclassing in EOIV, unlocking a party member's prestige title grants them 5 additional skill points to spend in their new skill tree. Prestige titles become available after defeating the 2nd stratum boss, and only once that party member is above Lv20.

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