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These farmers seek to apply their wisdom to navigating the Labyrinth despite their clumsiness in battle.
In-Game Description, Etrian Odyssey III

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The Farmer is an exploration based class in Etrian Odyssey III. They have no practical combat use, and are infinitely more useful for their field use.

The Farmer class is like the Survivalist class from prior games, but they have an atrocious lack of combat capabilities. While their field skills improve the party's condition, keep all Farmers away from the front lines. They even have a skill that decreases enemy attention on themselves. They can only wield Farmer specific tools that vary between weapon classes, and can wear up to Medium armor. They also have the highest LUC in the game.


The Farmer has only a few actual combat abilities, one of which puts the enemy (and themselves) to sleep and one that makes them less likely to be attacked. They can also inflict the enemy with lowered attack as well as all the binds and status ailments they themselves are afflicted with. Otherwise, they will simply assist the party in many different ways, such as increase healing from tents or take you back to town immediately. They are better at harvesting from harvest spots, and they can increase drop rates from enemies and EXP gained by the party. While definitely unfit for combat, Farmers have their use in a completely different way from the other classes.

Base StatsEdit

HP: 36

TP: 15

STR: 3

TEC: 3

VIT: 5

AGI: 6

LUC: 12

Skill TreeEdit

Camp Mastery

Lvl. 3 --> Waste Not
Lvl. 5 --> Slap Awake


Lvl. 3 --> Keen Nose
Lvl. 5 --> Double Crop

Keen Eye

Lvl. 1 --> To Market
Lvl. 3 --> Rain or Shine
Lvl. 5 --> Safe Stroll


Lvl. 1 --> Play Possum
Lvl. 3 --> Strange Seeds
Lvl. 3 --> Rotten Egg
Play Possum
Lvl. 5 + Strange Seeds Lvl. 3 --> Persistence
Rotten Egg
Lvl. 3 --> Sympathy Pain
Sympathy Pain
Lvl. 5 --> Brave Heart

Earth's Bounty



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