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These farmers seek to apply their wisdom to navigating the Labyrinth despite their clumsiness in battle.
In-Game Description, Etrian Odyssey III


The Farmer is an exploration based class in Etrian Odyssey III. They have almost no combat use, and are infinitely more useful for their field use.

The Farmer class is like the Survivalist class from prior games, but they have an atrocious lack of combat capabilities. While their field skills improve the party's condition, keep all Farmers away from the front lines. They even have a skill that decreases enemy attention on themselves. They can only wield Farmer specific tools that vary between weapon classes, and can wear up to Medium Armor. They also have the highest LUC in the game.


The Farmer has only a few actual combat abilities, all of them being from one branch of their skill tree. Lullaby  puts the enemy (and themselves) to sleep and Play Possum that makes them less likely to be attacked. They can also lower the attack of all enemies with Rotten Egg, which gets improved effects from status ailments. Strange Seeds can completely bind a single enemy and Sympathy  Pain copies any ailments the unit has onto an enemy.

Otherwise, they will simply assist the party on the field, such as increase healing from tents with Camp Mastery or using To Market take you back to town immediately.

They are also incredibly useful at harvesting from harvest spots: Harvest allows the Farmer to gain one point in all 3 gathering skills per skill level, while Double Crop allows you to farm twice as much per usage. Keen Nose makes finding rare items more likely and Horseplay passes time to reset the amount for gathering you can do.

Additionally to that, Farmers can increase drop rates from enemies and EXP gained by the party. So while they're definitely unfit for combat, Farmers have their use in mysterious ways.

Base StatsEdit

Farmer 36 15 3 3 5 6 12


Note: Skills are listed in the same order that is used in the game and do not necessarily unlock one after another. See the "Requires" column to see how to unlock a skill. If that column has dashes in it the skill is accessible at level one; no other skill is needed to unlock it. Skills are normally maxed at level 10, but there are some exceptions where the level cap is 5 or even 1.

  • Stat Increases and Passive Skills are passive benefits that grant bonuses without being activated.
  • Search Skills are out-of-battle skills. Farmers excel at the use of these skill and therefore at the gathering of materials.
  • Extra shows skill detail or any special bonuses that are gained at certain levels.

Etrian Odyssey III Edit

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Earth's Bounty Farmer skill that increases ally EXP points if you are alive. Class Skill -----
Brave Heart If HP is maxed and you are in the front row, you'll recover TP. Passive Skill Sympathy Pain Lv5 Max Lv5
Persistence You may revive from defeat at the end of the turn once per battle. Passive Skill

Play Possum Lv5

Strange Seeds Lv3

Waste Not The item drop rate at the end of battle increases. Passive Skill Camp Mastery Lv3 Max Lv5
Keen Nose You have a higher chance of finding rare items at harvesting points. Passive Skill Harvestry Lv3
Camp Mastery Revive and cure petrify at camps. Party HP and TP recovered increases. Passive Skill -----
Lullaby Sing a lullaby, putting yourself and all enemies to sleep. Special Skill -----
Play Possum Breathe slowly to lower the chance of enemies hitting you for 3 turns. Support Skill Lullaby Lv1
Strange Seeds Plant mystery seeds that bind all enemy heads, arms, and legs. Special Skill Lullaby Lv3
Rotten Egg Lower enemy strength for 4 turns. Status ailments increase its effect. Support Skill Lullaby Lv3
Sympathy Pain Status ailments you are affected by can be shared with the enemy. Special Skill Rotten Egg Lv3
Slap Awake Revive an ally. Used only from the main menu. Search Skill Camp Mastery Lv5
Harvestry Gather resources at all chopping, mining and gathering points. Search Skill ----- Max Lv5
Double Crop Increase number of times you can chop, mine, and gather. Search Skill Harvestry Lv5
Keen Eye Show FOE locations on the map for a limited number of steps. Search Skill -----
To Market Takes you back to town quickly. Search Skill Keen Eye Lv1 Max Lv1
Rain or Shine Nullify trap floor damage for a limited number of steps. Search Skill Keen Eye Lv3
Safe Stroll Eliminate enemy encounters for a limited number of steps. Search Skill Keen Eye Lv5 Max Lv5
Horseplay Shirk responsibility until an hour passes. Search Skill ----- Max Lv1


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