As you continue through the trees, you sense beasts surrounding you on all the sides. Their reek is ever-present in your nose while their constant low growl plays on your nerves. You have reached Fenrir's dread lair!
Game description of Fenrir's lair, Etrian Odyssey

Fenrir, known as Snowdrift in Japan, is the first boss in Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, fought on B5F (Staring Down the Roar) along with his pack.

This beast resembles a tiger (in Etrian Odyssey), with a white pelt and two enormous, ice-cold fangs, which have claimed the lives of many explorers. His roar is terrifying to hear, rendering most weaker explorers unable to act in fear. When faced in combat he is a fierce opponent, and worse yet, he is backed up by his pack, which will soon join their leader if given the opportunity.

Fenrir (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Leader of the wolf pack on the upper floors. Its fanged jaws have

claimed many lives.

Enemy Data
HP 1200
AT 96
DF 46
EXP 2500
Skills Coldfang, Roar
Items Huge Fang, White Hide
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice
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First thing, you must make sure to have the best equipment available, both offensively and defensively.

Once you step inside his lair, you'll be greeted by a horrifying sight: Fenrir, sitting in the center of the room, with 7 FOEs scattered around the room. These FOEs are actually Skolls, a more powerful variation of the Wolf enemy. Once you start the fight with the boss, they will start walking towards your position. Take too long and they will join the battle, making it much harder to win. However, any remaining FOEs on the map will disappear once you kill Fenrir; Skolls that you are fighting at that time still need to be killed.

Before facing Fenrir, kill both Skolls sitting in the corners of the room. Those will join the boss fight very quickly if left alone.

After that, don't start the fight yet. Stay exactly 2 steps away from Fenrir, and then step back. If done correctly, Fenrir will turn red and will start chasing you. Then, lure him into one of the corners and finally start the boss fight. Be careful though, because getting too close to the boss will end in him stepping forward once and instantly starting the fight, making it much easier for the FOEs to join.

Skills: Edit

  • Coldfang (Uses the Head): Deals heavy, ice based damage to a single target. Can one-hit kill characters with low defense very easily.
  • Roar' '(Uses the Head): Inflicts Fear on the whole party. Dangerous, as a character with fear may sometimes not act on the turn, however, it rarely uses this attack. (Needs confirmation on effect)

It will open with a normal attack, and use normal attacks and Coldfang randomly until its HP is below 50%, at which point it will spam Coldfang with a small chance of it using Roar. If all allies have terror status, it will go back to randomly using normal attacks or Coldfang.

For defense, having both Defender and Immunize is highly recommended. Try to restore these one turn before they expire, so you won't have to face the risk of taking an attack undefended. If you keep both active, its attacks won't trouble you, If you only have one of those, its attacks will still do some damage, so keep an eye on the party's HP. Since you probably have no means of reviving characters at this point, keeping everyone alive is a must. However, don't be overly defensive, because the Skolls are constantly walking towards you.

On the offensive side, Alchemists are your best choice here. Their fire / flame skill, if leveled high enough, can do around 100-150 damage to the boss. A Landsknecht with Blazer will add a good amount of damage aswell. If you have good equipment, you will be doing close to 250 damage per turn on him, which is more than enough to win. A Dark Hunter with Gag will disable both of its skills. Survivalists with Multi-Hit can help, but the damage won't be very high. Troubadours with both Blaze and Bravery can help boost the damage.

Related Monsters Edit

Fenrir (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Leader of the wolf pack on the upper floors. Its fanged jaws have claimed many lives.
Enemy Data
HP 3372
AT 19
DF 15
EXP 3800
Skills Horrific Roar, Cold Fangs
Items Wolf King Mantle, Wolf Tail (Conditional Drop)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice
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Fenrir returns in Etrian Odyssey Untold. Its main tactic is to swarm the player with lots of FOEs.

Upon entering it's lair, you'll notice Fenrir is accompanied by 4 Skolls. This effectively gives the boss fight a pseudo-time-limit to low level parties; if Fenrir isn't dealt with as fast as possible, the FOEs will start to join in mid-battle, which can prove problematic. On top of that, Fenrir can Howl, a 2-turn move which can summon additional Wolf FOEs at the edges of the lair, which can join mid-batle as well.

An easy way is to deal with Fenrir is to have a dedicated character continuously use Flash Bombs to stun the nearby Skolls as well as any Forest Wolves Fenrir summons and Sonic Bombs to prevent Fenrir from howling.

Fenrir, and all FOEs accompanying him, are weak to Fire and resistant to Ice. Having an Alchemist or Ronin (Classic) available is recommended for their elemental damage. A Medic with refresh is also effective as it can remove the Fear status that Horrific Roar can inflict. Binding it's head will also completely nullify all it's abilities (as they are all head-based), so a Gunner, Dark Hunter (Classic) and Hexer (Classic) would be useful.

Skills: Edit

  • Cold Fangs (Uses ???): Ranged STR-based Ice attack that pierces across lines.
  • Horrific Roar (Uses ???): Inflicts Fear on whole party.
  • Howl (Uses ???): Goes to a stance on first use. Summons additional Wolf FOEs within the room next turn. Can be cancelled with Sonic Bombs.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to acquire it's conditional drop, the Wolf Tail, you need to defeat it within the first turn. This is easily achievable by a high-level party.

Fenrir (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

The leader of the pack, with snow-white fur and bloodthirsty fangs... the ultimate hunter.
Enemy Data
HP 14000
AT 70
DF 64
EXP 180000
Skills Horrific Roar, Cold Fangs
Items None
Weakness Fire, Poison
Resistance Stun, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Paralyze, Blind, Arm & Leg Bind
Immune Ice, Death, Petrify, Head Bind
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Fenrir is the first of bosses to be fought in sequence in the downloadable quest Treasures Untold.

Unlike its counterpart in EOU, Fenrir has been massively beefed up, gaining a mountain of HP and stats to match postgame parties. Additionally, it begins the battle with an entire pack of Skolls to make up for the lack of FOEs joining the fray mid-battle.

The battle should play out mostly like that in EOU, albeit without its Howl skill that summons more wolves. The Skolls can prove to be a nuisance, stunning members of the party now and then, but if one were to focus on Fenrir completely the fight should end quickly - as it should, as there are 6 more bosses to be fought without a chance to rest.