We've deciphered more, and learned of something called a Fire Mark. Find its location and report back to us.


Quest GuideEdit

Talk to the Count. He will talk about three Imperial documents.

"First Squad Reporting. The fire mark is confirmed as southwest of the water mark. Exact distance unknown."
"Second Squad Reporting. Observation points established at C-1 and C-5. Between them is the target. We have placed an Imperial flag to mark the observation points. You'll have to eyeball the location."
"Command Post: The way to the key is in connecting First and Second Squads' reports. Find the common ground."

The Fire Mark is at (C-2/1-5). After finding it, go back to the Count and point the location out on the map.


  • Item: Metopon x2
  • Exp: 4,500 per member

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