People in the Sacred Mountains report hearing a demon's voice, and it's scaring people. Go find out what's behind it.


Quest GuideEdit

After accepting the request from the Dancing Peacock, go and talk to the Count.

"Tell me, my friends, have you heard about the demonic voice at the Sacred Mountains? Many explorers claim to. It is probably merely a beast's howl. You cannot be ruled by fear! Explorers must be courageous and inquisitive! That is why I want you to seek out points where the voice can be heard and identify where it comes from. Reports say the voice is often heard in the northeast of the Sacred Mountains. Be careful, my friends!"

When asked for more information, he adds the following:

"I want you to find the places where the voice can be heard as well as the origin of the voice. Many explorers who have visited the northeast of the Sacred Mountains have heard it. The rest is up to you. Wherever the sound can be heard, the origin is not far off. Though hearing it from the sky makes it trickier... You need to consider not just directions, but altitudes."

Go to the Sacred Mountains, and head to sector B5. Go to the space that is in the second row, fourth from the left (just before the area guarded by the FOE). Suddenly, you'll hear an awful roar and the game will prompt you several times, asking you if you want to flee. Stay where you are, and your party will realize that this is the voice the Count was referring to. It is echoing from below you. Mark your current location on the map for later, then descend to the ground level. After exploring the area, you will note that the "voice" is actually a whistling noise originating from directly north of the position you marked earlier, at the top of A5. Mark this location as well and return to the Count.

During the dialogue with the Count he will ask you if you found the voice. Reply yes. Then, when prompted, tap the first location where the voice was heard and then the second one where it originated. He will tell you to go claim your reward at the Dancing Peacock.


  • Item: Addle Hammer - Panic effect
  • Exp: 3,400 per member

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