The Fire Bulb is an extremely dangerous enemy that first appears in Misty Ravine. They are typically weak, but have a tendency to explode dealing massive damage to your party.

Fire Bulb
A balloon-like plant monster. It explodes when others approach, sometimes hurting its allies.
Enemy Data
HP 430
AT 20
DF 17
EXP 1457
Skills Self-Destruct
Items Fiery Rind, Fiery Seed
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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The Fire Bulb is one of the enemies you'll encounter early on in the Misty Ravine. They don't do much damage except with their self-destruct ability. The ability takes one turn of charging before it can be used, and will deal large amounts of fire damage to your party. If during its charging phase it would have been killed, it will explode and kill its own allies instead, making this monster a high priority target.

Related MonstersEdit


  • The Fire Bulb is likely based off of the Balloon from Final Fantasy. The two monsters share a great number of similarities, especially the tendency to swell up and detonate.

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