Fireking (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A dragonlike monster that can ignite the volatile liquid in its stomach to spew fire.
Enemy Data
HP 2100
AT 44
DF 44
Skills Fury, Roar
Items Spine Horn
Weakness Ice
Resistance Physical, Fire
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Firekings are found throughout the 2nd Stratum. They are passive FOEs.

Skills Edit

  • Fury (Uses ???):
  • Roar (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Fire Drake (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Fire Drake
A dragon of sorts, it is full of a noxious gas that lets it breathe fire!
Enemy Data
HP 7043
AT 29
DF 23
EXP 8500
Skills Fire God's Fury, Fearsome Roar
Items Spiny Horn
Weakness Ice, Poison
Resistance Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Confuse, Head Bind
Immune Fire
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Fire Drakes are FOEs first encountered on the east side of Floor 8F in the Auburn Thicket, and they also appear on B10F with the other FOEs. They move in circles, turning aggressive should the player enter their line of sight. If they step on plain ground, they slow down and rest every other player step, but move at normal speed over damage tiles. They are also completely immune to fire from the Baby Salamanders and will not be destroyed like the other FOEs.

In battle, the Fire Drake's strongest attack, Fire God's Fury, does Fire damage with a splash effect. Fearsome Roar can inflict Fear upon the entire party as well. Utilize Barrier or Prevent Order to attempt to negate Fear, and Fire Wall to block Fire God's Fury.


  • Fire God's Fury (uses head): Fire attack with splash damage.
  • Fearsome Roar (uses head): May inflict fear on the party.

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