A flotilla of refugee ships from the Empire was attacked by the Great Dragon! Seeking all Guilds for a rescue mission!


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Quest GuideEdit

You must find three parties of crashed Imperials scattered across the Windy Plains. . They will be marked on your map one at time by a small orange flag icon. This much is easy; however, you will also have to avoid the Great Dragon while doing so. If you have it, it is recommended to use the Twin Propeller ship part, as this will grant you the speed needed to easily outpace the dragon.

The dragon moves in a fairly predictable pattern. The best time to go to most of the rescue points is when the dragon is returning to the top of the waterfall. During the course of the quest, the Great Dragon will not disappear and constantly drop Fire Crystals, allowing the player to accumulate a large number of them to sell for a tidy profit.


  • Exp: 10,000 per member
  • Item: Madora II

Related QuestsEdit

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