Flaus Inn is where all weary explorers seek lodging in the town of Lagaard after a long day of exploration.

The player can sleep to fully recover everyone's HP and TP as well as save the game. You can choose to sleep until morning which will forward the game time to 5AM or nap until evening if it is not already which will forward the time to 6PM. The cost to sleep at the inn is based on the party's total combined level.

The innkeeper also offers an item storage service where you can keep up to 99 non-key items; a small fee of 100 en per item must be paid for storing these items. Retrieving the items is free.

Life in LagaardEdit

All the lovely explorers who stay at my inn are like my own children! I’m proud to give them a place where they can get some peace of mind after a rough day. That’s why I put a lot of effort into refurnishing the rooms so they’re more relaxing!

Wake up, sleepyheads! You can’t enjoy the rooms while you’re dozing off! I’m thinking of installing a nice bathhouse, so I’ll need to raise your rates! Now go off to that Labyrinth and work hard!

The innkeeper, Etrian Odyssey II