Floor Jump is a new feature introduced in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. It allows the player to effectively teleport instantly to the staircases of any other floor with Floor Jumping enabled.

Floor Jump is enabled on the floor when a majority of the floor is drawn. Map completion is checked when the player enters a staircase on the floor. If completion is sufficient, a message will be displayed to the user indicating the availability of Floor Jump and the entered staircase will glow. Floor Jump must be enabled for each staircase individually before being able to jump to it. Simply enter each staircase in a completed section to enable it.

Floor Jump checks the player's mapping for the immediate area. For maps where there are secret areas or other parts of the floor that have their own staircases, Floor Jump will not activate unless the player has mapped as much of the floor as they can access at present. This behaviour becomes prevalent in Lost Shinjuku or the Petal Bridge which require the player to traverse up and down the floors repeatedly.