Eoiv aboutfood

In-game overview of how the Food mechanic operates.


Food is a type of item that can be found while exploring the land introduced in Etrian Odyssey IV. Food can either be eaten, or used as bait to lure an F.O.E. Food can do a variety of things, such as boosting the party's stats or raising the party's resistance to ailments or elemental attacks. Some food is poisoned, but it can be removed with a Medic's Toxin Study skill. Most classes have their own food skill which increases the benefits of eating food.


Name Worth Effect Description Source
Tharsis Buffalo 7 en STR +1 An average beast that loves bathing. Windy Plains
Red Horned Ox 15 en STR +2, VIT +1 The quality of the meat is seen in the horn. Windy Plains
Black Taurus 80 en

STR +3, Vit +1,

Rare Breed  ↑

All cuts of its meat are marbled with fat. Windy Plains
Forest Wild Pig 30 en STR +2, HP +10 The meat's texture is perfect for a hot pot. Scarlet Pillars
Silk White Pig 45 en STR +3, LUC +4, HP +20 Its meat can easily be torn with one's teeth. Scarlet Pillars
Gray Black Pig 190 en STR +4, HP +30, Rare Breed ↑ Its high quality meat shines a milky white. Scarlet Pillars
Mountain Hare 50 en STR +3, LUC +1 A rare source for protein in cold climes. Sacred Mountains
Snowy Lapin 110 en STR +4, LUC +2, Drop Rate ↑↑ A beautiful hare with hints of red fur. Sacred Mountains
Happiness Hare 270 en

STR +6, LUC +3, Rare Breed ↑

Turns Icy Pincer into a Rare Breed

An uncommon hare said to bring good fortune Sacred Mountains
Cloud Goat 90 en STR +3, VIT +3 It likes high places and climbs aqueducts Cloudy Stronghold
Milky Goat 135 en STR +6, HP +60, TEC -3 Its quality milk yields delicious cheese. Cloudy Stronghold
Furry Goat 300 en STR +6, VIT +6, HP +80 When cooked, makes for high-quality mutton. Cloudy Stronghold


Name Worth Effect Description Source
Tharsis Duck 8 en TEC +1 Popular not just as meat, but as a pet. Windy Plains
Heavy Duck 20 en TEC +2, AGI +1 Its liver is a natural for making foie gras. Windy Plains
Golden Goose 90 en TEC +3, AGI +1, EXP ↑↑ There is as yet no known way to farm it. Windy Plains
Forest Ostrich 15 en TEC +2, AGI +2, LUC -2 This ostrich's red meat is quite healthy Scarlet Pillars
Humped Ostrich 60 en TEC +3, AGI +3, LUC -4 The fat stored in its hump is delicious Scarlet Pillars
Scarlet Emu 210 en


TEC +4, AGI +4, LUC -6, EXP ↑↑

Cooks must treat its poison sacs Scarlet Pillars
Amber Turkey 70 en TEC +3 A bird commonly cooked by roasting it whole. Sacred Mountains
Snow Turkey 100 en TEC +4, STR +2, HP -20 Its snow white feathers are used as decoration. Sacred Mountains
Royal Turkey 290 en TEC +6, STR +5, HP -30 Considered a delicacy even in faraway lands. Sacred Mountains
Golden Quail 100 en TEC +3, AGI +3 Can fly very high and is popular as a pet. Cloudy Stronghold
Prism Pheasant 150 en TEC +6, TP +30, STR -3 Its sashimi has a strong umami taste. Cloudy Stronghold
Love Chickens 400 en TEC +6, LUC +6, TP +40 Always found in pairs; a popular wedding dish. Cloudy Stronghold


Name Worth Effect Description Source
Gray Trout 10 en Volt Res. ↑↑, AGI +1 All Tharsis fishermen are acquainted with it. Windy Plains
Red Kokanee 25 en Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑ Very popular for salt roasting. Windy Plains
Sakura Trout 100 en

Ice, Volt Res.  ↑↑↑, TP +10 

Catching this proves a fisherman's caliber Windy Plains
Bearded Catfish 20 en Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑ It preys on fish using its beard as a lure. Scarlet Pillars
Fatty Catfish 70 en Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑, TP +10 A speckled fish with nice, fatty meat. Scarlet Pillars
Galaxy Catfish 165 en Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑↑, TP +20 Its silver flesh is delightfully juicy. Scarlet Pillars
Flying Smelt 40 en Fire, Ice Res. ↑↑, VIT +1 Caught by fighting in holes in frozen lakes Sacred Mountains
Stormy Smelt 80 en Fire, Ice Res. ↑↑, VIT +2 A perfect fish for frying. Sacred Mountains
Sweet Fish 330 en Fire, Ice Res. ↑↑↑, VIT +3, EXP ↑↑ Used in soup stock for its multiple tastes. Sacred Mountains
Crucian Carp 85 en Fire, Ice, Volt Res. ↑ Fishermen relish its fierce pull on the line. Cloudy Stronghold
Silver Carp 110 en Fire, Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑, Drop Rate ↑↑ Lacks the odor found in freshwater carp. Cloudy Stronghold
Dragon Carp 450 en Fire, Ice, Volt Res. ↑↑, AGI +6 Lives 100 years, then soars into the heavens. Cloudy Stronghold


Name Worth Effect Description Source
Baby Carrot 5 en Blind Res. ↑↑, LUC +1 These small carrots can be grown at home. Windy Plains
Sugar Carrot 10 en

Blind Res  ↑↑↑, LUC +2, Drop Rate ↑  

Sugary sweet and beloved by children. Windy Plains
Ebony Carrot 70 en


Blind, Panic Res  ↑↑↑, LUC +3

This poisounous carrot must be cooked properly. Windy Plains
Apricot Maitake 25 en Death Res. ↑↑↑, LUC +2 This mushroom's scent is like dried apricots. Scarlet Pillars
Oyster Shroom 35 en Sleep, Poison Res. ↑↑↑, LUC +3 Its stalk has the taste and texture of oysters Scarlet Pillars
Gold Stinkhorn 140 en Sleep, Panic Res. ↑↑↑, LUC +5, EXP ↑ This "forest queen" has a lacy curtain Scarlet Pillars
Sushine Apple 60 en Poison Res. ↑↑↑, TP +10 It looks unappetizing, but tastes very sweet. Sacred Mountains
White Apple 90 en Paralyze, Death Res. ↑↑↑, TP +15 A sweet apple grown in darkness. Sacred Mountains
Crimson Apple 250 en


Poison, Paralyze Res. ↑↑↑, TP +20

Its sweet poison must be carefully removed. Sacred Mountains
Pepo Pumpkin 75 en Petrification, Curse, Dizzy Res. ↑↑↑ Its noodlelike fruit is tasty in salads. Cloudy Stronghold
Marron Gourd 125 en Dizzy, Sleep, Poison Res. ↑↑↑, LUC +6 Its chestnut taste fetches high prices. Cloudy Stronghold
Meteor Pumpkin 350 en


All Status Ailment Res. ↑↑↑

Turns to acid in your mouth if cooked wrong. Cloudy Stronghold


Name Worth Effect Description Source
Albino Taurus 2,000 en Rare Breed ↑, EXP ↑ Its tender meat is marbled with fat. Windy Plains
Golden Egg 9,999 en Fire, Panic Res. ↑↑↑, VIT +8, LUC +5 Its unfathomable taste is beyond words. Windy Plains
Immortal Peach 2,200 en All stats increased slightly [+3] Its juice is rich enough to intoxicate. Scarlet Pillars
Black Diamond 6,666 en Volt Res. ↑↑↑, VIT +8, LUC +8 Truffles only a Gray Black Pig can find. Scarlet Pillars
Ice Pomegranate 1,800 en TEC +5, HP +50, TP +25 Shines like crystals and melts in your mouth. Sacred Mountains
Golden Crab 8,888 en Ice, Death, Sleep Res. ↑↑↑, VIT +8 Its incredible taste leaves on speechless. Sacred Mountains
Emperor Peacock 1,500 en Rare Breed ↑↑, Drop Rate ↑↑↑ It makes a thronelike nest to lay its eggs. Cloudy Stronghold
Cloud Boar 7,777 en VIT +8, HP +80, TP +50 Its taste gets a warrior's blood racing. Cloudy Stronghold
Fire Crystal 700 en Exp Rate ↑↑↑ Crystalized rage of the Great Dragon. Great Dragon
Flash Crystal 650 en Drop Rate  ↑↑↑ Crystalized aura of the Storm Emperor. Storm Emperor
Ice Crystal 1,000 en Rare Breed ↑↑↑ Crystalized malice of the Blizzard King. Blizzard King