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The Forbidden Wood is the sixth and final stratum of Etrian Odyssey II. It's a series of floating islands hovering high in the sky above both the Heavenly Keep and the great Yggdrasil Tree. They all share an Eden-like appearance with beautiful trees, peaceful-looking clearings and a clear blue sky which may induce a false sense of peace.

Music Forbidden Forest05:38

Music Forbidden Forest


However, their true purpose is to be a self-sustaining containment ground for the strongest creatures the Overlord managed to gather, possibly for his research; they were never meant to be visited. As such, you will find yourself desperately fighting for survival within these beautiful but deadly woods. The default battle theme of this stratum is Shiver.

Also worth noting, these islands have absolutely no physical point of contact between each other. The only means of transportation between these is a complex layout of dimensional warps (between islands on the same level) and teleporters (to reach upper/lower level islands) that not only have several different destinations, but some will teleport you to different places depending of the time, as the islands are apparently moving constantly.

If you decide to brave the dangers and press on, the highest island is believed to have a god-like being sealed within...


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Item PointsEdit


Forbidden Woods battle music Shiver04:58

Forbidden Woods battle music Shiver













Trivia Edit

  • The Forbidden Woods has a few references to the Garden of Eden of the christian mythology, and may have been created by the Overlord based on it, similarly to how the Heavenly Keep was created to mirror the myth of Noah's Ark. Examples of references include Ur-child's drop item being called the Eden Apple, being a direct reference to the Forbidden Fruit. The tree shown in the stratum's intro screen may be the Tree of Life.

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