Hunter (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

Evolving ever more in harmony with nature, these forest folk took

on a more demonic look.

Enemy Data
HP 4600
AT 269
DF 104
EXP 7650
Skills Blazer, Glare
Items Evil Plume, Evil Crest (Conditional)
Weakness Physical Attacks
Resistance Elemental Attacks
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Hunters are only encountered on B20F.

They wander all around the floor searching for the player together with other members of their tribe and while protecting Iwaopeln, their guardian deity. Once the player engages one of their kin in battle, they can travel for long distances and eventually join the fray.

It can use Blazer, which deals fire elemental damage. That can be avoided with boosted Immunize or boosted Antifire. Also it uses Glare which causes instant death to a single target.

If the stratum has not been cleared yet, they will respawn right away if the player returns to town.

Skills Edit

  • Blazer (Uses ???):
  • Glare (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Hunter's conditional drop, the Evil Crest, you must kill them within 2 turns.


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